Feyisa Lilesa Net Worth

Feyisa Lilesa Net Worth

Feyisa Lilesa is an esteemed long-distance runner. In addition, he is also a well-recognized human rights activist and peace advocate renowned for standing against oppressive government policies in Ethiopia. Lilesa first rose to international fame by winning silver at Rio Olympics marathon 2016 by crossing his arms above his head at the finish line as an act of solidarity for anti-government demonstrations held across Ethiopia that year. Fearing imprisonment or worse upon returning home, Lilesa fled for sanctuary in America where he currently resides with his wife and three children.

Lilesa remains an elite marathoner while living abroad and makes thousands each year from competing in high-profile races around the globe. Additionally, his status as a political figure allows him to advocate on behalf of Ethiopians living overseas – meeting senators in America and speaking at events in Houston to do just this. Lilesa has also engaged in business ventures, charitable efforts, and has written an op-ed essay advocating on their behalf in Washington Post op-ed article.

He has won multiple accolades throughout his career, such as the Dublin and Xiamen International Marathons and various cash prizes from competitions; most significantly for him was Tokyo Marathon where his performance earned him over half a million dollars in prize money!

Lilesa was born in Jeldu, a small city located in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region. At an early age he showed interest in sports; however, as he reached his teens it took on more significance until eventually taking up running as a career choice at his first major competition: 2008 IAAF World Cross Country Championships Young Division where he placed 14th.

Lilesa went on to participate in several other large-scale competitions and claim multiple monetary prizes, most notably at the 2008 Aramco Half Marathon in Houston where he broke Ryan Hall’s record by over four minutes and earned himself $270,000, as well as earning himself silver at Rio Olympic Games 2016.

Lilesa received the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany in 2017, one of its highest honors bestowed upon an individual by a state. This award recognizes his contributions in areas including sport, culture and society.

Lilesa and Mulisa have been married since 2021 and share three lovely children as a result of this lengthy union. Feyisa Lilesa and Iftu Mulisa make an ideal pair; preferring to keep their personal lives out of the public eye; however, Feyisa remains tight-lipped regarding details related to his marital life or spouse and only discloses limited details regarding them both.

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