Films about music and musicians – 15 masterpieces for the musical soul

The best films about music and musiciansDo you want something unusual in the evening with a cup of tea with buns? For your attention – the masterpieces of cinema about music and musicians. Enjoy vivid stories, songs from your favorite artists, and the quality of your acting.

Films about music, recognized by the audience as the best!

For those who want to laugh heartily – the most flying comedies

August Rush

August RushReleased in 2007.

Country: USA.

Key roles: F. Highmore, R. Williams, C. Russell, D. Reese Myers.

He is a young guitarist from Ireland, she is a cellist from a respectable American family. A magical meeting gave rise to a new love, but circumstances force the couple to part.

Born from the love of two musicians, a boy through the fault of his own grandfather ends up in a New York orphanage. The fantastically gifted boy is desperately looking for his parents and believes that music will bring them together again.

A touching, beautiful movie that is impossible to watch without goosebumps and tears.

The wall

The wallReleased in 1982.

Country: Great Britain.

Key roles: B. Geldof, K. Hargreaves, D. Laurenson.

A motion picture for all Pink Floyd fans based on the album of the same name by the “Wall” group.

Real facts from the life of the leader of the group, multi-semantic plot, fantastic music. Does it make sense to build a Wall around you, building it brick by brick from childhood? And then how to get out from behind this Wall into reality?

A movie masterpiece that you should see at least once in your life.

Taxi blues

Taxi bluesReleased in 1990.

Country: France, USSR.

Key roles: P. Mamonov, P. Zaichenko, V. Kashpur.

A melodramatic picture by Pavel Lungin about the fateful meeting of a drunken Soviet saxophonist and a practical great-haired taxi driver who is trying to reshape his attitude to life.

A film about the eternal Russian dream – “to live well”, about social and national relations.


AssaReleased in 1988.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: S. Bugaev, T. Drubich, S. Govorukhin.

Many are familiar with the picture of Sergei Solovyov about a musician – a boy Bananana and a girl who, longing for a comfortable life, associates with a gangster “authority”.

Beautiful music that decorates the film and covers the severity of reality – like a hope for change.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the OperaReleased in 2004. Country: UK, USA.

Key roles: D. Butler, P. Wilson, Emmy Rossum.

Joel Schumacher’s musical, sensational in its time and not losing popularity, is a filmed opera, which critics still argue about.

Amazing acting, excellent direction and no less amazing performance of musical compositions. A tragic love story for those who love “everything at once”.


Choice of destiny

Choice of destinyReleased in 2006.

Country: Germany, USA.

Key roles: Jack Black, K. Gass, D. Reed.

Reckless (or “reckless”?) Movie about rock music from professional visionary Liam Lynch. A guide for rock fans and more: how to become a cool rocker with a pick of fate!

Great music, captivating storyline, lots of humor and amazing acting by Jack Black. Worth seeing at least once. Better 2-3.

Rock Wave

Rock WaveReleased in 2009.

Country: France, Germany, Great Britain.

Key roles: T. Sturridge, B. Nighy, F. Seymour Hoffman.

Comedy film from director Richard Curtis about real rock and roll and 8 DJs of a pirate radio show of the sixties. They broadcast from ship at sea all over Britain – fun and easy, not giving a damn about the government’s fight against “piracy” along with millions of their listeners.

Permanent atmosphere of drive, eternal rock and roll and fun throughout the whole picture.

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Kill Bono

Kill BonoReleased in 2010.

Country: Great Britain.

Key roles: B. Barnes, R. Sheehan, K. Ritter.

Usually biographical films are made about a famous person. Most often, forgetting about those who remained there – behind the scenes.

This motion picture is not about the group U2, but about two brothers from Ireland, who formed their group in Dublin in the late 70s. For some, the peaks are given without effort, while others will not be able to climb even a quarter.

A light comedy with a minimum of drama, self-confidence of the hero, inexhaustible optimism and songs performed by the actors themselves.

Almost famous

Almost famousReleased in 2000.

Country: USA.

Key roles: P. Fugit, B. Crudup, F. McDormand.

A boy from America accidentally becomes a correspondent for one of the most authoritative music magazines (approx. – “Rolling Stone”) and with the first assignment goes on tour with the group “Stillwater”.

Adventures in the company of rockers, crazy fans and hormones raging in the blood are guaranteed!

Who wants a glimpse into the flared seventies and backstage life – welcome to watch!

Cross the line

Cross the lineReleased in 2005.

Country: Germany, USA.

Key roles: H. Phoenix, R. Witherspoon, D. Goodwin.

Biographical picture of the legend of “country” Johnny Cash and his 2nd wife June.

A gangster at heart and a man constantly trying to win parental love, Johnny sang not about the brightest things in life, and recorded his first successful album in Folsom prison.

Realistic film from director Mangold and best romantic movie pair Reese and Joaquin.

School of rock

School of rockReleased in 2003.

Country: Germany, USA.

Key roles: D. Black, D. Cusack, M. White.

Another great movie starring Jack Black!

Finn’s brilliant rock star career is going downhill. A complete fiasco, kilometer-long debts and a prolonged depression. But one random phone call changes his whole life.

Rock is life! A comedy tape with a simple plot, but with a lot of unexpected twists, humor, bright music and an atmosphere of drive.

Six string samurai

Six string samuraiReleased in 1998.

Country: USA.

Key roles: D. Falcon, D. McGuire, C. De Angelo.

End of the world. The world turns into one huge desert, where gangs of feral people clash in fierce battles.

The main character of the film is a virtuoso guitarist who perfectly wields a samurai sword. His dream is to get to the lost in the sands of rock and roll Las Vegas.

A strong post-apocalyptic picture, pulling all the strings of the soul.


ControlReleased in 2007.

Country: UK, Japan, USA and Australia.

Key roles: S. Riley, S. Morton, Al. Maria Lara.

A motion picture from director Anton Corbijn about the late Ian Curtis – the mysterious lead singer of the cult band from England – Joy Division.

The last years of the vocalist’s life: constant girlfriends and beloved wife, epileptic seizures, bright performances and fantastic talent, death at 23 as a result of a successful suicide.

A black and white film that immerses you in the world of Curtis in the 70s for 2 hours and the hypnotic music of Joy Division.

Blues Brothers

Blues BrothersReleased in 1980.

Country: USA.

Key roles: D. Belushi, D. Einkroyd.

Jake barely freed himself from places not so distant, and Elwood, too, did not escape troubles with the law, but the brothers-musicians are obliged to give a concert to save his native church from demolition.

Comedy film from John Landis with incredible energy!

If you do not have enough positive, and your mood is rapidly falling – turn on “The Blues Brothers”, you will not regret it!


ChoristersReleased in 2004.

Country: France, Germany, Switzerland.

Key roles: J. Junho, F. Berleand, K. Merad.

It is 1949 in the yard.

Clement is a simple music teacher. In search of work, he ends up in a boarding school for difficult teenagers, who are tortured every day by the cruel and self-righteous rector Rashan.

Clement, outraged by these educational methods, but did not dare to openly protest, organizes a school choir …

A bright and kind movie about the love of music. “Emotions over the edge” – this is about “Chorists”.

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We will be very pleased if you share your feedback on your favorite films about music and musicians!

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