Financial Tarot forecast for summer 2021

Psychologists and psychotherapists actively use the art therapy method in practice. And since each card in the Tarot deck is an archetype (an image reflected in the collective unconscious), we can use them in predicting, or rather, modeling, the future.

How it works? Each person, based on his life experience, mood and personal characteristics, programs himself for the corresponding reality. The chosen map will allow you to make the most probable forecast of your future.

So are you ready to get a personalized financial Tarot forecast for Summer 2021? Then choose one Tarot card and see the result.

Important! Your choice should be intuitive.

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Financial Tarot forecast for summer 2021

Card number 1 – Three of pentacles

Three of Pentacles
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Pentacles are the monetary suit in the Tarot system. Three of pentacles is a card of apprenticeship, highest skill. Therefore, the message for you sounds like this: try, work, do not give up and you will be rewarded. Your financial outlook for this summer is unequivocally good, but be sure to put in some effort.

For material interests, this card is unambiguously favorable. If you have been planning expensive purchases in the coming months, then know that financial fortune is on your side. Also, do not miss the opportunity to improve your qualifications (after all, an apprenticeship card!), Perhaps this will have a positive effect on your reputation and your future income.

The card tells you that you will be able to succeed in business thanks to the existing work experience. But, if for this you need the help of more competent colleagues – ask for it.

This summer, long-awaited stability will come to your financial affairs.

Card # 2 – Six of Wands

Six of Wands
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Congratulations! Your financial well-being will improve this summer. Six of Wands is a card of victory, desired triumph and prosperity. It could indicate a promotion, a big bonus, or important and useful business contacts. Card slogan: “Everything will turn out the way you need it!”

Without a doubt, your financial situation will improve. But, the suit of wands in the Tarot symbolizes energy, which means that positive changes in your life will happen only if you make an effort. From the sky, a bag of money is unlikely to fall on you. Therefore, remember that only the one who fights will win.

Card # 3 – Queen of Pentacles

Queen of pentacles
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An excellent card that portends stability and prosperity in financial affairs. The Queen of Pentacles is the most monetary of all four queens in the Tarot. She is smart, loves luxury, lives on a grand scale, but not because she is wasteful, but because she can afford it.

What exactly can you expect from work this summer?

  1. Profitable deals.
  2. Promotion of the career ladder.
  3. Profitable investment.
  4. Conducting business negotiations that will end successfully for you.
  5. Profitable activities, etc.

Soon, you will finally be able to feel a stable financial footing under your feet. If at the moment you already feel it – know that no monetary losses are expected.

The card promises you abundance, wealth and the opportunity to save money.

Card number 4 – Magician

Bologny illustration

The magician is the first lasso in the Tarot deck. He is smart, knows how to plan, solve difficult issues and find a way out of the most confusing situations.

The financial outlook for the summer is favorable for you, but only if you make an effort to make money and advance your career. The magician is a manipulator and a sophisticated businessman. The card tells you that counting on blind luck is foolish and hopeless. If you want financial fortune to favor you, start acting, because water does not flow under a lying stone.

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