find out what kind of mom you are for your children

The bond between mother and child is one of the strongest and most emotional. Mom is the first person a child meets, and she is his first friend and first teacher. Their relationship plays a huge and important role in how the child will become in the future.

How you interact with children, how you treat them, and what you expect from them, characterizes your style of motherhood. So what kind of mom are you? Below are four descriptions that reflect different types of mothering and parenting. Find the option that best describes you.

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  1. For my children, I strive to do everything as correctly as possible. I plan ahead, put everything on the shelves and clearly set expectations from them. I love them very much, but I know that you need to be restrained and strict so that they grow up worthy people and become the best version of themselves.
  2. Children are smart and inquisitive, and I enjoy exploring the world with them. My children can talk to me on any topic, and I will always motivate and encourage them to want to communicate with me as a loyal and reliable friend.
  3. I am extremely pleased to take care of my children and ensure their well-being. My views on education are rather conservative – yes, I surround them with love and attention, but I am sure that they need to learn about the world with their peers, and not with adults. The main thing is that I set a good example for them.
  4. My connection with my children is so strong that I know without words what they need or what they feel. I constantly listen to my own heart when I need to make decisions, and I believe that experience and understanding are much more important and valuable than rigid rules and a system of restrictions and punishments.

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Psychological test: find out what kind of mom you are for your children

1. Mom is a perfectionist

These mothers expect the best results from their children all the time. They demand excellence from them in all endeavors and want their children to be the first and unsurpassed in everything they do. However, this does not mean that your relationship with your child is one-sided. You do your best, too.

You believe in what you teach them, and you demand maximum commitment and ambition from them. You are afraid to make mistakes in the educational process, and you are always unnerved by your own mistakes. You sincerely want your child to succeed, but make sure they really have these resources to succeed.

2. Mom is the best friend

You want to be fully present in the child’s life, despite all the difficulties. You want to be not a strict parent, whom he is afraid of, but a mother with whom you can freely and frankly talk. You listen carefully to your children and encourage them to honestly voice their concerns. You truly believe that the best parenting method is to allow children to make and learn from their own mistakes, and your job is to be there and help them. This is exactly what loyal friends do!

If your child knows that he can come to you with all his troubles and sorrows, and you support him, then you are his best friend. You consider children to be wise individuals and love to find answers to their questions together.

3. Caring mom

This style of motherhood can be called traditional. You are a typical caring mom if you make sure that your child grows up healthy, happy and independent, but you are not too involved in his life. You maintain balance and clearly define the boundaries of interaction. You want your children not to need anything, but you also don’t impose anything on them.

Your relationship is built on healthy emotional trust, and your children respect you for it. You want to keep them safe and secure from risks and dangers, but at the same time you are sure that they need to gain their own experience.

4. Intuitive mom

Such a mother is ruled by the heart, not the head. She is exclusively attuned to the needs, feelings, desires and thoughts of her children. Most likely, you constantly listen to the child and clearly know what emotions certain words or behavior style cause in him. You never rely on other people’s advice or generally accepted rules from psychologists and educators. You prefer to build a relationship with your child on your own, and it really works.

Your parenting style is quite effective, and you can easily recognize what affects your child’s condition. He is not afraid to be sincere with you, as you make it clear that he can talk to you about anything without fear of criticism and condemnation from you.

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