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Sometimes, building relationships with a seemingly good person, we do not understand why they do not work out. And the reason may lie in the incompatibility of characters.

Today we will help you figure out which partner you need. Ready? Then proceed to the test.

Instructions! Look at the picture with images of lions. Which one did you like best? Make your choice intuitively. At the end, see the result.

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Psychological test: The chosen lion will tell you what kind of partner you need

Option number 1 – Handsome seducer

You cannot imagine life without a fountain of emotions. You think that you need to live to the fullest, so you often fall in love and act on your heart. That is why you can only become happy next to a person that matches yourself. What should it be?

  • Extraordinary.
  • Bright.
  • Beautiful.
  • Shocking.
  • Unusual.

Make sure your partner stands out from the crowd. You will never pay attention to the “gray mouse”, even if he loves you very much. The main thing in a relationship for you is to be shocked and surprised every day (in a good way).

Option # 2 – Wise and Serious

According to the test results, you are quite a psychologically mature person, therefore you need a serious and traditional relationship. Noisy parties until the morning, hectic and passionate adventures are not for you. You have outgrown naivety and incontinence, and now you want to see next to you a serious and reliable person who will lend you his shoulder in difficult times.

Your life partner should be judicious and punctual. You want to see him as your protector. Next to such a person, you want to become weak and defenseless, because it’s so nice when someone worries about you and regrets you, isn’t it?

It is also important for you that your partner constantly strives forward, develops and improves. You are not averse to seeing in his face an example to follow. He must be a psychologically stable and reliable person who will lead you along.

Option number 3 – Winged dreamer

You need a serious and lasting relationship. Frivolous romances are not for you. However, being overly serious can scare you off, right? It is important for you that your loved one dreams of your joint future and of his own realization. You love when he shares his plans with you. His trust and candor flatter you.

It is important for you that you have complete trust in your relationship with your partner. Jealousy and suspicion on his part annoy and offend you. You want to look in the same direction with him, do not mind working in the same area.

The most important thing for you is to be his muse, to inspire him to deeds. Your ideal type of man is an adoring dreamer.

Option number 4 – Emperor

You do not exchange for hopeless men, but prefer to surround yourself with wealthy and mature ones. It is important for you to be an adored partner. Want him to carry you in his arms. The partner you want to see next to you must have considerable financial capital, have a prestigious job and goals in life. His status in society is important to you. If the people around you do not admire your chosen one, you yourself will soon lose interest in him.

Your man should be emperor not only at work, but also at home. You want to see him as a protector, earner and leader. It is important for you that he is the authority for everyone, including you.

Option number 5 – Reliable defender

If you chose lion number 5, it means that you lack self-sufficiency or masculine character traits. It’s not bad! Perhaps you are very feminine, which is why you want to see a reliable protector next to you who will save you from any trouble.

It is important for you to always feel the support and care of your partner. It’s nice to be under his care. You strive to literally be FOR HUSBAND. Therefore, agreeing to accept the offer of a hand and heart, you think for a long time whether this person will really be able to provide you with absolute protection and his patronage.

Option number 6 – The ideal family man

You probably have a lot of experience building relationships. You may have been heartbroken on more than one occasion and now crave a serious and productive relationship with ONE partner. You are no longer chasing lightness and serenity, you want stability and reliability. A serious man, psychologically ripe for a family, can give you the relationship you want.

It is important for you that you are the top priority in his life. No friends, no work, no hobbies should replace you. If you come first for your partner, you can love him with all your heart.

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