find out your character by your favorite coffee

For some people, coffee is a real morning savior, giving a powerful impetus and energy when it is simply impossible to concentrate and force yourself to move and work. For others, it’s just a favorite drink to pamper yourself with. Regardless of your preferences, a cup of aromatic coffee can definitely cheer you up and make life brighter and more fun.

Like every type of coffee, every person has their own personality, and this makes people unique. And since everyone’s preferences are different, your coffee favorite can also tell a lot about your personality.

COLADY will tell you how your character relates to coffee preferences.

1. Black coffee

Test: the coffee you usually drink can tell a lot about your personality
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You are an old school person, a typical conservative who loves to adhere to an established order and familiar routine. You are characterized by patience, perseverance and productivity, which inspires admiration among others, since not everyone can be so single-minded and focused on the result. You have a stable routine and lifestyle, and one small change could ruin your day!

2. Iced coffee

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You are always glad to any experiments, new impressions and sensations, be it an exotic restaurant or a spontaneous trip to an unfamiliar city. You believe that there is a lot of interesting and still unknown in the world, and you want to learn as much as possible about it. Choosing this kind of coffee also means that you are a very outgoing and sociable person and are always surrounded by people. However, sometimes you tend to make impulsive and reckless choices, although this is quite normal for you.

3. Coffee with milk

Test: the coffee you usually drink can tell a lot about your personality
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Comfort is the most important condition for your life. There is nothing better for you than a cup of hot, sweet milk coffee combined with a good book. You are kind, helpful and always ready to help those in need, although it is not uncommon for other people to take your help and support for granted. However, when they overstep your boundaries too much, you find the strength to stop their attempts to manipulate you.

4. Instant coffee

Test: the coffee you usually drink can tell a lot about your personality
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You love to walk easily through life and do not see the point in thinking too much about the future. You tend to perceive each day as it is, because you do not want to worry and worry about something unknown that awaits you tomorrow. Because of this perception of the world, you absolutely do not like to make any plans and are even slow and clumsy in all your actions and decisions.

5. Other, more specific types of coffee

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You only settle for the best, and you enjoy the feeling of being able to afford it. You try to keep everything in your life under control, and you yourself want to direct it where you need to. Perhaps people think you are selfish, and you really are not one of those who try to please and please others, because you love and value yourself very much. You always go your own way, and you don’t give a damn about someone else’s opinion.

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