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Each person has a goal to achieve which he comes into the world. If he manages to achieve it, the Universe sends him happiness and grace. But that’s not all. She also, as a gratitude, gives this person a chance for a second life. As a result, he is reborn with the next goal.

This is karma, this is life …

Today we will help you solve the main karmic riddle of your existence.

Test instructions:

  1. To begin with, you must completely relax. Get into a comfortable position and tune in for the test.
  2. Take a close look at the picture below.
  3. Take a look at each symbol and, without hesitation, choose the one that is closer to you.

Important! The choice of symbol should be made based solely on your intuition. In this case, your subconscious mind will give out the accumulated life experience.

test picture
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Option number 1

Two hammers are a symbol of virtue and service. Your soul came to this world to serve people, to protect them from failure and to console them in difficult times.

You are a very good person to whom people are drawn. They want to see you as a spiritual guide, patron and protector. People like you are trusted, loved and appreciated. Kindness is probably your greatest asset.

Advice! You don’t always have to be kind-hearted. Otherwise, you will be used for selfish purposes. Know how to show strength of character and insist on your own.

Option number 2

As a team, you are the engine of progress. You know how to inspire others, motivate them for success, and, if necessary, push them to perform activities.

Express yourself. Have creativity. Your karmic task is to transform the world, in other words, to improve it. People who choose the gender symbol number 2 can decorate the world with themselves. They don’t need to do anything special to do this. However, if desired, they can reach considerable heights.

Option number 3

You are a warrior who is not afraid to set goals and move towards achieving them. He knows how to fight for what he wants. Keep it up!

Physical labor does not scare you, but from early childhood you strive for success in an intellectually simpler way. Your main task in life is to conquer the peaks, to achieve your goals. The universe will definitely reward you for your efforts!

Advice! The downside of your character is excessive impulsiveness. When making decisions, try to be guided by reason, not emotions. This will help you avoid mistakes.

Option number 4

Scientist symbol. The person who chose him lives in order to develop himself and help others in this. For those around him, he is a beacon that shows the right path. The opinion of such a person is always listened to, he is considered authoritative.

The main karmic task for him is self-development. The person who chose the symbol of the scientist is very smart and erudite. To achieve happiness in life, he must remain inquisitive and not deny himself the pleasure of learning new information about the world.

Option number 5

Have you chosen the symbol of the sage? Well, congratulations, you are advanced beyond your years. Your main strong point is the ability to make the right decisions in any situation. Know how to correctly weigh the pros and cons. They are very reasonable and honest with themselves.

No doubt you are a very wise person. What is your main purpose? The answer is to guide others on the right path. You must help the people around you to make the right decisions, to teach them wisdom.

Advice! Despite your ability to choose the right path, you should not try too persistently to help others. Remember, you should only give advice if the person asks for it.

Option number 6

The symbol of the priest is chosen by people with a calm disposition. Their psyche is stable. You shouldn’t expect a knife in the back from such individuals. They are loved and appreciated in society.

Usually, they have many friends and comrades. The reason is the energy of calmness and pacification emanating from them. A person whose soul is restless will have a need to communicate with a sage person in order to get a piece of his peace.

His karmic task is to help others, have a calming effect on them, heal their souls and give bliss. By the way, such personalities make excellent spiritual mentors.

Option number 7

The crown always symbolizes power and authority. The person who chose her has leadership potential. It is extremely important for him that the last word be spoken by him.

He knows how to lead, instruct others on the right path and teach. Extremely demanding of the people around him and himself. The main life task of such a person is to lead others. But in order to be happy, he should not suppress people, put any pressure on them.

Which option did you choose?

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