Finger Drawing Test – Know Your Purpose

The drawings on the fingers of different people are unique. Some are dominated by wavy lines, while others have bizarre loops. What can this talk about? About much…

Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, introduced the world to a new scientific direction – dermatoglyphics, which studies fingerprints. Today we will delve deeper into it in order to understand our purpose in life!

Test instructions! Take a close look at the “pads” of your hand fingers. Compare the pictures on them with the picture below and see the result.

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Option # 1 – Curls prevail

If you have a lot of curl patterns on your fingers, this indicates that you are an extraordinary person. By the way, the more curls – the higher the likelihood of your genius or non-standard. Surely, as a child, you noticed that you are different from most of your peers.

Such a pattern is often found among prominent scientists and inventors. If you are one of them, congratulations sincerely! You have found your calling! By the way, you can do absolutely any job, right? You can handle anything. You are the type of person who, as they say, will stop a galloping horse and enter a hot hut.

Your advantage is that you never stop there. Always strive to improve. And this is very commendable! There is no peak that you cannot conquer.

Now take a closer look at your hands. Which finger has more curls?

  • Big – you cannot work under strict control. You need free expression of your creativity.
  • Pointing – you hate routine. You prefer to change your surroundings often.
  • Little finger – you are a very devoted person. You react painfully to any changes.

Option number 2 – Hinges

You have excellent working capacity. This is not to say that everything always works out for you, but you are used to making every effort to achieve your goals. You are a very hardworking and purposeful person.

Work and career are important in your life. By nature, you are a polygamous person, that is, you are ready to spend your energy on different people. It is extremely difficult for you to be devoted to one person all your life (we are talking about a friend, boss, partner, etc.).

Now take a close look at your fingers and tell me which of them has the most loops:

  • Pointing – you are the soul of any company, you know how to “ignite” people, awaken emotions in them.
  • Average – do not like to stand out from the crowd. You prefer to be in the circle of your closest people.
  • Big – you have great creative potential. Perhaps it’s time to reveal it?
  • Nameless or pinky – you adore active pastime, prefer extreme sports. You have excellent health.

Option number 3 – Wavy lines prevail

You are a very easy-going person. It’s a pleasure to do business with you. You have good social skills, so you can win over anyone.

Above all, value family, home comfort and harmony. They are capable of sacrificial behavior, often neglect their own interests for the sake of family ones. You are incapable of betrayal. If you set someone up or offended, you are very sorry, you feel guilty. Your main purpose is to serve your loved ones.

Pay attention to which finger has the most wavy lines, find out more information about yourself:

  • Big – you are rather stubborn. It is difficult to convince you of anything.
  • Pointing – remain an optimist in any situation.

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