Fly lady system in Russian or how to become an inspired housewife

Once unknown to anyone at that time, Marla Scilly, tired of the eternal chaos at home, came up with an idea – whether to create such a system of maintaining order for a housewife so that the house was perfectly clean, and at the same time the woman remained a woman, and not a washing machine with functions vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, etc. The thought did not fly by, but materialized into the “fly lady” system, which is known all over the world today.

What is fly lady system? How to achieve success for a modern housewife? Bologny magazine psychologists tell.

How Russian housewives achieve success or the conquest of the fly lady system
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What is fly lady or good housewife universities

“FlyLady” was originally the “nickname” of Marla’s page on the Internet in 2001. The girl who spoiled subscribers with recommendations for cleaning the apartment. Six years later, the number of Marla’s subscribers exceeded 400 thousand, and later a similar society of housewives was created in Russia, where “FlyLady” decoded as “Winged (flying) housewife”

The “fly lady” system today is a house cleaning effortlessly, rational use of free time and pleasure in the process of putting things in order. In short, Marla Scilly became the “fairy” who helped many women who were tired of endless heavy cleaning.

Fly Lady Basics: Zones, Routines, Fly Lady Checklist

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The “fly lady” system, of course, has its own terms, rules, postulates and principles:

  • Hot spot This term refers to the corner / place in the apartment where the trash Everest grows out of one tiny piece of paper.
  • Boogie 27 – daily search and elimination of 27 absolutely unnecessary things in the apartment.
  • Routines. One of the main terms “fly lady”. Means a list of insignificant, but obligatory things in the morning (to make the bed, to bring oneself into a divine form, etc.), in the afternoon (main things and affairs) and in the evening (drawing up a to-do list for the next day, returning things to their rightful places, preparing for bedtime and etc.).
  • Audit trail. This term is a notebook that lists all the chores (routines) around the house, shopping lists, required phone numbers, etc.
  • Zones these are the premises in the house that require order – a kitchen (zone 1), a bathroom (zone 2), and so on. Each zone has its own cleaning time.
  • Timer. A real fly lady cannot do without it. Because the cleaning time is 15 minutes and nothing more.
  • Sink One of the main rules is that it must always shine. And no pile of dishes – it is washed immediately after eating. It’s such a good, good habit.
  • No slippers! We don’t relax at home. Fly lady should be dressed at home as if guests might come at any second. This means that the word “laziness” does not exist: hairstyle, appearance, make-up, manicure – everything should be in perfect, the best form.

Fly lady tasks are simple and straightforward.

Fly lady cleaning – basic principles of an elated housewife

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  • Weekend – time exclusively for rest and loved ones. No cleaning!
  • General cleaning is not needed! Following the “fly lady” system, order is established by regularly cleaning each zone for strictly 15 minutes.
  • Cleaning should not start when it gets dirty, but regularly and regardless of the condition of the floor / things / household appliances / plumbing.
  • Any thing returns to its place immediately after use.
  • We do not accumulate unnecessary things in the house. No matter how sad, pitiful or memorable, we give away (throw away) things that we do not use. We get rid of belongings, no matter what. We are being treated for “materialism”.
  • We constantly monitor the corners of the house, which turn into a “stable” more often than others. We exclude such transformations by regular cleaning.
  • We don’t try to do everything at once – we start small. Gradually we develop the habit of washing the sink, then the stove immediately after use, etc.
  • We do not acquire a new one as long as there is “old, and do not make stocks. Have a bag of buckwheat? This means that another couple of kilograms will be extra. New kitchen towels? The old ones go to the trash. And we don’t save lids, plastic mayonnaise boxes and bags for all occasions in every box.
  • We extinguish all hot spots in time Such as, for example, a bedside table in the hallway, on which a bunch of keys, trifles and necessary pieces of paper are collected in the evening – we disassemble it twice a day.

Fly lady in Russian: what can Russian housewives learn from the flylady system?

Why is the fly lady system good? It is available to everyone, and does not require complex instructions for an entire book. Despite the fact that the fly lady system is more popular in the West, and our women can easily master its basic principles (which many are successfully doing). Most of our women spend most of their day at work. That is, there is very little time left for a complete cleaning and for yourself, your beloved. This system allows you to create your own convenient schedule for cleaning the apartment for a week, and at the same time, you do not feel bogged down in the eternal restoration of order.

Fly Lady helps to streamline and organize the cleaning process so as not to fall by night from fatigue and, at the same time, to have time for everything. Why does it work? What is the reason for the popularity of the system and the benefits?

  • Ease and availability of the system. The ability to maintain order with the release of useful time for yourself.
  • Learning Factor The fly lady system teaches you to love your house and clean up with pleasure, without turning cleaning into hard labor.
  • “Order in an apartment presupposes order in the head and in life.” A woman who is able to streamline her life can easily cope with any tasks in life.

Have you tried to organize the order of the house according to the fly lady system? We’d love to hear your opinion about it!

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