Forbes billionaire ex-wife Natalia Rotenberg remarried

Natalya Rotenberg, ex-wife of Forbes billionaire and businessman Arkady Rotenberg, got married again. She shared this news on her Instagram account, posting a romantic photo and caption: “Meet my current spouse.” This is the 53-year-old Armenian businessman and politician Tigran Arzakantsyan, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than two years. They never hid their feelings from subscribers – sometimes they shared joint pictures on their blogs and went to different events together, for example, last year they attended the Royal Ascot.

Forbes billionaire ex-wife Natalia Rotenberg remarried

Recall that the couple of Natalia and Arkady Rotenberg have been married for almost eight years, during which they had two children. The divorce proceedings were long and difficult – the woman wanted to sue 1.65 billion from her husband, but she got only an estate in Surrey and an apartment in London. After parting, Natalia registered several trademarks and successfully entered the confectionery business.Forbes billionaire ex-wife Natalia Rotenberg remarried

Her current beloved Tigran is the founder of a brandy company. He has four children, two of whom are not his own – he adopted his nephews after his brother died in 1997. Tigran himself was once a hair’s breadth from death – in 2007, during a conflict with visitors to the Metropol casino, the politician was attacked and he received a serious gunshot wound.

Forbes billionaire ex-wife Natalia Rotenberg remarried

Let’s wish Natalia and Tigran happiness and long life!

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