Fortune Feimster Net Worth

Fortune Feimster Net Worth

The fortune Feimster net worth includes salary, education, weight and featured roles. But, aside from these, he’s also a lesbian who came out in 2005. Feimster is currently dating Jacquelyn Smith, a kindergarten teacher. They were engaged in early 2018, and plan to exchange wedding vows by October 2020. Their homes are in Los Angeles, and Belmont, North Carolina. Smith’s family is from Michigan, and Feimster is from California. He proposed to Smith during a romantic trip to Big Sur, California.

Featured roles

Fortune Feimster is an American actress and stand-up comedian. She has starred in numerous films and TV shows, and is also a panelist on E’s Chelsea Lately. She co-wrote and starred in the comedy series Family Fortune, and recently landed a feature film role in “Bad Cop, Good Cop.” In addition, she has performed stand-up on the “Seth Meyers Show,” “Conan,” and Comedy Central. Her most memorable television appearances include “Office Christmas Party”, “Lonny,” “Workaholics” and “Workaholics.”

Feimster discovered who she was in her Netflix special, “Sweet & Salty.” In real life, she wasn’t a butch lesbian. In the film, she had a feminine wife and was banished from a veterinary office after an emotional breakdown. Feimster’s story of her coming-of-age was the inspiration for “Sweet & Salty,” her upcoming Netflix special.

She also has been active in the entertainment world, working as a publicist and reporter two decades ago. She recalls the publicists that she met on red carpets. She also took improv classes by herself. Despite being laid off in the recession and media turmoil of 2009, she was able to land many featured roles on TV and movies. After a year, she was signed on to NBC’s comedy show, Kenan, and will appear in season two of The Office.


Fortune Feimster is an American actress, writer, and comedian. Her roles in “The Mindy Project,” a romantic comedy series, and “Last Comic Standing,” on NBC are her most well-known. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 1, 1980. She graduated from South Point High School 1998. Fortune is a lesbian and came out as a lesbian at age 25. She is married to Jacquelyn Smitt and the two will have a child together in 2020.

Fortune Feimster started her career in 2010 on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. She has also worked in the media industry as an entertainment journalist, a personal assistant, and a television personality. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her success is due to the education she received. She is currently pursuing an English doctorate, but she worked seven years as an entertainment journalist.

Fortune Feimster is an American stand-up comedian and writer who is best known for her work on “The Mindy Project”. She also wrote a popular stand-up series called “What a Joke With Pappa and Fortune.” In addition to her work in television, Fortune has appeared on The L Word: Generation Q and on The Mindy Project. She also has appeared in several stand-up specials on Netflix.


Fortune Feimster, an American comedian, writer, actress, is Fortune Feimster. She first made her TV debut on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2010. As of July 2019, she is hosting her Sirius XM show, What A Joke with Papa. Fortune was born in North Carolina, on the 1st of July 1980. She is white. She has a net worth of $3 million. Below are her top income sources.

Fortune Feimster was born on July 1, 1980, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Her height is 5 feet 8 inches and weight is 78 kg (172 pounds). Fortune has made a lot of fun of her body and has lost a lot of weight. Her net worth is approximately $400K USD. Her body description is “athletic, with a slight built,” but it doesn’t seem to be insurmountable.

Fortune is married to Jacquelyn Smith, a kindergarten teacher. They started dating in 2016 and are planning to tie the knot on 23 October 2020. The couple lives in a beautiful mansion in Belmont North Carolina. Riley is their son. She is also openly lesbian and came out publicly in 2005. She earned her net worth as a writer and producer for television shows and films.


Fortune Feimster is an actress, comedian, writer and actor. In 2010, she made her television debut on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In addition to her writing work for comedy shows, she’s also starred in movies such as The Matrix trilogy and the television series The Mindy Project. She also co-wrote a feature film called FIELD TRIP. Her salary as an actor has not yet been disclosed, but her impressive resume speaks for itself.

Fortune Feimster was conceived in North Carolina in 1980. Her parents are of Caucasian ethnicity, and she grew up in a Christian home. She graduated from South Point High School, in 1998. During her childhood, she played basketball, softball, and tennis, as well as volunteered with the LGBTQ community. Although her salary is not known, it is estimated that she earns approximately $1 million per year.

Fortune Feimster is worth $2 million. Her comedy performances have won her millions of fans. Her social media accounts have a loyal following. She also posts personal photos, videos, and photos. Although she has not revealed her exact income, her popularity has helped her earn a large amount of money. She is a regular user of Facebook and Twitter, and is a frequent user of both social media sites.

Weight loss struggles

Fortune Feimster, a comedian and actress, has a weight-loss journey that you should see if you love comedy. Fortune is a gay woman who discovered her sexuality after watching a Lifetime movie. After discovering her sexuality, Fortune began taking classes at The Groundling in Los Angeles. She later appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and she was named one of the “Top 10 Comics to Watch” by Variety. Fortune Feimster, despite her success has struggled with her weight and recently admitted to being bisexual.

In June 2018, Feimster revealed her weight loss story on the Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder Show. She explained that she had gained the extra weight after dating his longtime partner Jacquelyn Smith. She also stopped eating three meals a day, and for 30 days, she and her partner only ate meat and vegetables. She began her weight loss journey by changing her eating habits. She was able to lose thirty pounds in three months.

Despite her age, Fortune Feimster’s success has risen above her weight loss struggle. In fact, she has been developing a sitcom pilot based on her life with Tina Fey since 2014. It is unclear if the show will come to fruition. She is enjoying life in a new way. Thanks to all her moms. You’ll soon see Fortune Feimster on screen!

Birth place

Fortune Feimster, an American comedian, writer and actress, is worth $1.5million as of early 2020. Fortune makes money from hosting her own shows and acting in movies. She is a native North Carolinan and of white ethnicity. She is 5′ 8″ tall and 132 pounds. Fortune was born in North Carolina. She is also a member of the Miss USA pageant and has won numerous awards for her work.

Fortune Feimster was born on July 1, 1980, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a comedian and writer, and has performed with many female comedians. Her stand-up comedy shows are transparent, and she has publicly acknowledged being gay in her material. She is 39 years old and has won many awards, including the Critics Choice Award. She has also appeared on a number of television shows, including NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Fortune Feimster’s roots can be traced back from her childhood in Charlotte. She went on to study communications at Peace College, and later went on to star on NBC’s “Chelsea Lately.” She was also a star on “Last Comic Standing”, a reality television series. In addition to her stand-up work, Fortune Feimster has starred in various television shows, including “The Mindy Project,” “The Office,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Last Comic Standing”.


Standup comic Fortune Feimster is an entertainer with a honey-dipped Southern accent. He has appeared on shows like The Mindy Project, The L Word, and Generation Q. His acclaimed one-hour special “Sweet & Salty”, which aired on Netflix in January 2020, amplified his message of self-discovery, laughter, and humor. He has also made appearances on “The Mindy Project” and “Chelsea Lately.” He’s currently on tour.

The stand-up comedian is known for her work on The Mindy Project, but her credits also include work on Chelsea Lately, No Toddler, and Family Fortune. From 2011 to 2014, Feimster also starred in specials for Comedy Central and Netflix. Along with Jax Smith, Feimster is also a standup comedian who hosts “What a Joke,” her podcast. It’s difficult to imagine a better career path than this.

Fortune Feimster began her career as a comedian and writer in the Groundlings Sunday Company. Her rise to fame began when she was chosen as a writer for the hit TV show Chelsea Lately. Other roles include a series regular on NBC’s CHAMPIONS as well as Hulu’s THE MINDY PARTY PROJECT. Other notable TV appearances include The L Word, Generation Q, and Life in Pieces.

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