Fred Hand Net Worth

Fred Hand Net Worth

In the past few years, the net worth of Fred Hand has been growing at a steady pace. He has sold over 6,000 Burlington Stores Inc stock units since 2015, bringing his total worth to more than $3 million. Fred has been selling shares in the company at an average of nine hundred units per daily for the past few years. This means that on 1 December 2020, he will still own 59,230 units.

In 2007, he pleaded no contest to seven charges, including hitting two citizens in his car. His conviction led to a $1,500 fine and 20 hours of community service. He also received a 120-day suspended sentence. He has continued to build a fortune, despite his criminal history. Fred recently moved into a Mediterranean-inspired 1920s villa in West Hollywood, and it cost him an estimated $3 million.

Despite his numerous acting roles, Fred Hand had a small net worth of $3 million at the time of his death in 2022. He was well known for his roles in “The Right Stuff,” “Escape from Alcatraz”, and the Tremors series. While his net worth was a fraction of his potential, he earned the attention of millions of fans. He had many challenges throughout his career.

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