Fredro Starr Net Worth

Fredro Starr Net Worth

If you’re looking for Fredro Starr net worth, you’re in luck. Jam Master Jay discovered the late ’80s hip-hop star and estimated his net worth at $2 million dollars. While his primary career is Rapper, he also holds a variety of other roles, including actor. He gained international fame after starring in the ’90s films The Addiction and Clockers. He has a wide range of roles in the entertainment industry, including author, actor, and producer of soundtracks.


Although Fredro Starr’s net worth is unknown, he has made quite an impact in rap circles. Onyx was his rap group, and won the Spirit Train Award in 1993 for Best Rap Recording, beating out DMX’s album “The Chronic”. Fredro Starr is also a solo artist. He has published two books for children and a documentary. His achievements in rap are what make his net worth so impressive.

While the rapper has not toured in years, his acting career has been quite successful. He was a star in the films “Strapped” (with his wife, Moesha) and “Moesha.” He also appeared on HBO’s TV series “The Wire.” He has also appeared in numerous independent films and TV series. His net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. But with his multiple sources of income, the rapper has plenty of ways to increase it.

Born on April 18, 1971, Fredro was raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He and his brother David Scruggs moved from Brooklyn to Queens in 1984 and attended John Adams High School. His childhood was full of hard knocks, including a Queens gang war. However, Fredro Starr managed to stay active even after his family split up, and he has a significant net worth.


Fredro Starr’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. This wealth has been earned through his work in many films. One of his most successful roles was that of Q in the 1990s film Moesha, which starred R&B singer Brandy. Fredro Starr has also appeared in various TV series, including HBO’s The Wire and HBO’s Blade. He has also co-hosted a show called “Urban Dancing” for Paramount Television.

Music has been a major part of Fredro Starr’s net worth. He was a member of a rap group called Onyx, which won the Spirit Train Award for Best Rap Recording in 1993, beating out DMX’s “The Chronic.” His impressive net worth has also been attributed to his solo projects. He has won numerous awards for his solo music projects. Fredro Starr is also an actor. He also enjoys rapping and recording music.

Fredro Starr has six children and is married to his wife. He has worked in more than 55 movies and television shows. Fredro Starr’s net worth is approximately $50 million. He is an active member of the Onyx rap group, and is well-known for his work as a producer. Fredro Starr’s earnings are further detailed on the actor’s wiki as well as his social media pages.

Soundtrack producer

Fredro Starr, a hip-hop artist, has a net worth of $26million. The rapper and record producer is married and has six children. Fredro Starr was born on 18 April 1971 and is 1.78 m tall. He is approximately 65 kg. He is an author and was part of the Onyx rap group. In addition to being a popular musician, Fredro Starr is also a successful actor, having worked in more than 55 films and television shows.

The first thing that made Starr famous was his music. After watching the movie “Beat Street,” Starr began breaking. Starr was influenced by LL Cool J’s style in late 1985 and began to write and perform poetry. He began acting in films such as “Trips to Rio” and “The Godfather”. After the 1992 release of his first single, “A Different World”, his popularity grew quickly.

Since then, Starr has been busy in a variety of other media. He has a regular role in the MTV show Moesha, and he has also appeared in three episodes of HBO’s The Wire. He hosted the one-hour urban dance competition Dance 360 for one season in 2004. He also starred in the independent feature film, “Diamond Ruff.”


Fredro Starr is a hardcore rapper and has a large net worth. He was born in South Jamaica, but grew up in New York City. The group Onyx was formed in 1991 by Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz, and went on to have a gold-selling debut album. The group broke up after the release of its 1998 album, Shut ‘Em Down. Starr has released three solo albums since then and appeared in many commercials. Starr’s greatest accomplishments have been in music.

The estimated net worth of Fredro Starr is $2 Million dollars. His primary career is as a rapper, but he also holds a successful acting career as well. In the 1990s, he starred in films such as The Addiction and Clockers. Starr is still alive today, but he is most well-known for his career as a rapper. Starr is not only well-known for his wealth but also for his success in acting.

Fredro Starr has six children and is married to his wife. His net worth is estimated at $2 million USD. His salary is not known, but it is believed that it is high. He is an American citizen and is well-known for his work in music and films. Starr stands five feet five inches tall and weighs 65 kg. He has dark brown hair. He is active on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. His following on Twitter is around 38.2 K.

He has appeared in many movies.

The actor is multi-talented and has appeared in many movies and television series. His filmography includes roles in some of Hollywood’s most recognizable directors, including John Travolta and Forest Whitaker. He has appeared in many teen movies and co-authored two books for children. He is a true family man. His marriage to Korina Longin-Starr, a Croatian model, brought them their two sons.

Fredro Starr is an actor, singer, and rapper. He was the voice of Q Brooks in Save the Last Dance, which he starred in in 2001. He is best-known for his performance in Save the Last Dance, where he played Q Brooks. Along with Jill Scott, he sang Shining Through, the movie’s main theme song. Later, he starred as Marquis “Bird”, Hilton on HBO’s The Wire. He also appeared in Blade: The Series 2006 and in several other movies.

Before becoming an actor, Fredro Starr rapped. He was the frontman of the hardcore rap band Onyx in 1991. Jam Master Jay, a legendary rap producer, recruited him and signed the group. “Slam” was one of the group’s most popular singles. Starr released several solo albums and toured extensively after the group split up. He has also appeared in several movies, including Ride, Light It Up, and Save The Last Dance.

His net worth

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