Full Knees – 7 Best Fat Knee Exercises

Full Knees - 7 Best Fat Knee ExercisesTo remove fat from your knees, one desire is not enough: you need to understand the root cause of its occurrence in such a delicate place, and also use the most effective exercises that will have a targeted effect.

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Why fat gets stored on your knees – 5 reasons

Before you start doing the exercises, you need to find out why your knees look so unattractive.

Top 5 reasons look like this:

  • Overweight. If the knees begin to become covered with fat, it means that the body already has nowhere to distribute it. We urgently sound the alarm – and start taking care of ourselves!
  • Insufficient muscle activity. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, or the same type of exercise can also cause fullness in the knee area.
  • Impaired lymph movement. This is one of the main reasons for the appearance of excess weight in general. But, if in the pelvic area the lymph nodes are blocked by muscle spasms – especially. A striking example is lymphedema (elephantiasis), which affects 10% of the population over 40 years old. Therefore, it is important to have 1-2 exercises to stretch this zone in your training program.
  • Disruption of the endocrine system. This failure can be influenced by many factors: poor sleep, poor-quality and unbalanced diet, stress, past illnesses and age.
  • Genetics. The special structure of the body, transmitted at the level of DNA, can also affect the appearance of the knees, but purposeful people attach little importance to this, since they know that this is the least of all reasons.

Experts say that subject to all the rules in the fight against obesity, influencing all of the above factors, a person concerned about the condition of his knees will receive a result in the shortest possible time.

Best Exercises Against Full Knees

7 Best Knee Fat Exercises for Daily Workouts

The exercises below for eliminating fullness in the knees are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, as well as the correct approach to working with the body.

The list can be used as a separate set, or added selectively to your training program, not forgetting about the compensatory effect: at the end of each set, sit on your heels and, leaning forward, try to push your pelvis down. This helps to relieve the spasm in the knee area, which will allow the muscles to relax faster and the tendons to maintain their elasticity.

1. Climbing the step platform

Despite the apparent simplicity, simple climbs on the step platform significantly change the shape of the knees, eliminating puffiness, overhanging the fat fold over the joint, and perfectly tone all the main leg muscles. That is why people with high weight, and even obesity, are recommended to start losing weight with these exercises.

But! In no case should you use jumping, running and other sudden movements, otherwise problems with joints cannot be avoided.

To perform the exercise, you should use a step platform of at least 40 cm, while tracking the position of the body:

  • The spine is straight, avoid rounding of the thoracic region. A strong forward tilt of the body is undesirable, since part of the effort will be shifted to the lower back. But we are losing weight at the knees, right?
  • Do not rest your hands on the hips – use only the strength of the legs (for the same reason). It is better to use active hand swings, additionally stimulating the work of the muscles, which will have a positive effect on the figure.
  • Move slowly: at the expense of one-and go up to the platform, two-and return to the floor to the starting position. Repeat on the other leg.
  • The leading supporting leg on the step platform should be fully straightened, the following one is not necessary, you can make swinging movements or overlap with the heel to the buttock.

It is very convenient and pleasant to do this to the rhythmic music of an average tempo, which will significantly raise the overall tone and allow you to work out the required section longer.

You should start from 5 minutes, making an ascent to the step platform and gradually bring the time to 15 minutes daily.

2. Four-point bending of the knees

This exercise is ideal for those who have knee problems (arthritis, arthrosis or past injuries): due to the specific position of the body, the body weight is evenly distributed over the points of support, reducing the load on the joints. At the same time, the muscles work perfectly, – and, in addition to the knees, the shoulder girdle and the press zone are actively worked out.

  • To perform this exercise for losing weight in the knees, you need to get on all fours, placing the line of the shoulders strictly above the wrists, and the line of the pelvis above the knee joints.
  • Direct the pubic bone to the navel and slightly pull the lower abdomen inward. It is important not to lose this state of “composure” until the end of the set.
  • With an exhalation, pushing off the floor with your hands, raise your pelvis as high as possible, straighten your legs.
  • Stretch your heels towards the floor as far as possible.
  • Bend your legs on inhalation – but do not put your knees on the floor, but hang over it at a height of no more than 5 cm (the lower the better). Check the position: shoulders above the hands, pelvis just above the knees, flat lower back.
  • The next exhale – straighten the legs again, and so on.

Repeat at least 18 times, and then – hover in a static position (as if inhaling) for 30-60 seconds, controlling the correct posture and breathing deeply through the nose.

It is important not to bend the lumbar spine, and to control the position of the head – it is above the shoulder line. Knees are very low above the floor, if their angle is close to 90 degrees – great!

Literally for a month of daily performance of this exercise, the fullness from the knees will significantly go away.

3. Taoist kneeling walking

This exercise is not fraught with anything complicated: you just need to kneel down and walk around the room for at least five minutes, without helping yourself with your hands.

If the sensations are too painful, then you should do it on a soft carpet, or put a blanket folded in half under your knees.

Oriental masters claim that, in addition to the beautiful shape of the knees, problems with internal organs will go away – and even vision will improve!

4. Spring squats

Classic squats are always relevant. But, if the goal is to remove fat from the knees, then a small emphasis should be added: at the time of the squat, stay in it for 10 -20 seconds, making springy up and down movements with an amplitude of no more than 20 cm.

What you should pay attention to:

  • The line of the spine should remain a perfectly straight line. It is unacceptable to bend in the lower back or round the chest.
  • The legs are not narrower than shoulder width apart, better – one and a half shoulder width apart. The feet are parallel to each other.
  • The depth of the squat is ideally the thighs in line with the floor, but the characteristics of the body should be taken into account: not everyone has access to this option when performed correctly at the first stage. The quality of the pose should not be sacrificed.
  • The arms for the counterweight are extended forward; support with the hands on the legs is unacceptable.

The exercise is performed at least 8 times, the duration of the “spring”, if possible, increase as the muscles adapt.

5. Vamadevasana

Of all the exercises, this is considered one of the most beneficial not only for losing weight, but also for the general health of the body, since Vamadevasana (yoga pose) captures an important aspect: stimulating the movement of lymph in the pelvis and legs, which is often the cause of excess weight.

Having fixed the position, as in the photo, you should remain in the static version for at least 1 minute, as you get used to, increasing the time to two and bringing the heel closer to the buttock.

Knee Fat Exercises

At the same time, it is important to breathe deeply through the nose and open the chest, stretching the spine up, and also make sure that the pelvis maintains a closed position. If at the same time it turns out to bend back, lowering the pelvis lower, the effect doubles. But you should be careful about the lower back, avoiding overloads.

This exercise is sufficient once for each leg.

6. Half-swastika pose

Another universal body position that stimulates the process of losing weight not only in the knees, but also in the hips and sides. It is so named because the legs are positioned in such a way that they resemble half of the swastika symbol.

It is also performed in two versions:

  • Dynamics: having positioned the body, as indicated in the photo, you should alternately raise the entire line of the leg from the foot to the hip, making sure that the heel and knee are at the same height above the floor. Performed at least 18 times on each side. Raising the leg is inhalation and relaxation is exhalation.
  • Statics. In this variant, the body is held in a given position with a raised leg for 30-60 seconds. It is important to repeat for both legs and on each side, without twisting the body, and try to position the body as vertically in space as possible.

Exercises against thick knees

Some instructors suggest holding hands against a wall or chair to avoid twisting the body, but this significantly reduces the effect of the exercise.

You should also control the position of the legs: in the bend of the knee, it should be strictly 90 degrees, and the knee, which is in front, is located in the same plane with the hip joint.

Given that this knee fat loss exercise is very powerful, it should be done twice a week, provided both are done.

7. Grand Plie on the fingers

This exercise for slender legs and thin knees is used by ballerinas in their daily workouts. At first, it is performed with support against a wall or a chair, but later they try to do without them, using a gymnastic stick as a balance. The main feature is constant stay on the toes, which significantly increases the load on the muscles, provoking muscle drying.

  • To perform, you need to stand with a straight back – and, rising on tiptoes, turn your feet with your heels inward, resting them against each other for stability.
  • Tuck the pelvis under you, keeping the lower back flat. The head is straight, the spine is stretched in a line. Under no circumstances should you bend forward or arch your back.
  • Sit down for a breath, spreading your knees in different directions, linger for 2 -5 seconds and with an exhalation straighten your legs without lowering your heels to the floor.

Repeat 20 to 50 times.

How to remove fat from your knees

More advanced option works more on deep muscles, although for beginners it is very difficult. To perform it, you should slowly sit down in half, bringing the line of the pelvis back, tuck it under you, draw in your stomach and slowly straighten your legs. It is important not to rush: downward movement lasts 4 seconds, and upward movement lasts the same amount.

A few more tips on how to lose knee fat

In addition to exercise, choosing the right diet and eliminating all factors that interfere with weight loss, you should add a few more manipulations to your arsenal:

  • Full body lymphatic drainage massage. It is important to perform it once a week, but if the problem with weight is significant, then at least three times a week until the desired effect manifests itself.
  • Skin wraps and body scrubs… Loose skin gathering like an accordion in the knee area is an unattractive thing, because even a slender person can have this. Blue clay, seaweed, paprika and turmeric body masks should all be used if you want to permanently remove fat from your knees.
  • Baths with the addition of sea salt, soda. Thus, the body will additionally get rid of toxins and waste products that provoke obesity.

How to lose weight in knees - the best exercises

And in conclusion, you can add only one thing: more walk and enjoy life, because movement and a smile are the first enemies of stress and excess weight!

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