Fun games for couples for the New Year holidays

New Year’s holidays – it’s time to remember your carefree childhood. Do you want the New Year to be fun and memorable for you and your guests? Here are some ideas to help you have a great time! Compose a script and start preparing everything you need!

Games for couples for the New Year

“Quest in a box” – for real intellectuals

Do you and your guests enjoy intellectual entertainment? Are you a fan of Sherlock? So, you should buy a quest in a box, which can be found in any board game store. These quests are suitable for teams of 2 to 6 people, so if you are celebrating the New Year with your other half or want to invite friends, this option is perfect.

“Quests in boxes” are analogs of the usual quest rooms, only in order to “get out of the room” you will have to solve a number of tasks for quick wits, attentiveness and logical thinking. Such puzzles cost about 500 rubles, and you will spend at least one hour on their solution, so the “quest in a box” is much more profitable than a joint visit to the escape room.

“Abbreviations”: what to turn the USSR into?

Write on pieces of paper the abbreviations familiar to everyone (TASS, USSR, Ministry of Internal Affairs, traffic police, etc.). Guests must draw out one piece of paper and come up with a toast, all words of which begin with the letters that have fallen out.

You can complicate the task and ask for the toast to be pronounced in poetic form. The one who composes the most original toast can be presented with a small memento (magnet or keychain).

Games for couples in the new year 2020

“Numbers and Questions”: Funny Mismatches

Guests should come up with a few questions, the answers to which are numbers.

For example, questions might be:

  • how many glasses of beer can you drink at one time;
  • how many teeth you have left;
  • how old are you.

By the way, for adults, questions can be thought up very spicy, this will give the game “peppercorn”.

Numbers are written on separate pieces of paper, which will become the answers to the questions. Each guest draws out first a piece of paper with a question, then a number-answer. They must be read with the most imperturbable expression on their face. Anyone who laughs will be fined, for example, completing an assignment: singing a song about the New Year, reading a poem or dancing.

“Mittens”: warm touch

This game is suitable if several couples are participating in the celebration. The rules are simple. Men wear mittens on their hands; women should wear shirts with a lot of buttons. The task of men is to unfasten all the buttons. The winner is the couple that managed to complete the task faster.

Games for couples

“Artists”: hidden talent

Each guest is given a balloon and a marker. The task is to draw a portrait of your soul mate on the ball. The task is allocated from 3 to 5 minutes. The winner can be determined either by voting or by the reaction of the depicted person to his “portrait”.

“Cinema”: show a masterpiece

Pick a few movies that all of your guests have surely watched. Write their names on pieces of paper and put them in a cap. Each couple pulls out the title of one movie and head to the adjoining rehearsal room. The task is to “show” the film with the help of pantomime so that the other participants can guess its name.

When completing the assignment, you can use various props that you can find at hand: sparklers, blankets that can replace superhero raincoats, stuffed animals, etc. The victory is awarded to the couple who were able to reveal the content of the film in the most creative way.

“Nonsense”: a game with meanings

You also need to prepare for this competition in advance. Pick a few recognizable popular songs and rewrite the chorus verses, replacing all the words with the opposite.

For example, from the lines “It’s cold for a little Christmas tree in winter, we took a Christmas tree home from the forest”, it turns out the following: “It’s hot for a huge birch in summer, we drove a birch out of the house into the forest”. Choose songs of different genres so that every guest can take part in the competition: fans of rock music are unlikely to be able to guess the lyrics from the creations of pop artists.

Entertainment for the New Year

You can ask guests to choose songs on their own and change their meaning: this will make the competition even more interesting. When the assignments are ready, put the pieces of paper with the texts in the header, ask the guests to pull them out and read them aloud. The task of the rest of the participants is to guess the song. The guesser takes the piece of paper for himself. The winner is the one who was able to solve the most riddles.

Lovers of poetry can use poems by also reverting each word. Popular proverbs and sayings are also suitable for the competition.

It is not difficult to make the New Year interesting and memorable. The main thing is to prepare in advance and take into account the tastes of all guests.

It’s important that everyone is involved in the fun, so think about the interests of the invitees. It is advisable to choose several contests of different directions: intellectual, funny, agile. Then everyone will like the holiday. And do not forget to charge the camera battery in advance to preserve pleasant memories of the holiday for the whole next year!

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