Fun games for the New Year with your family without activities

New Year is a holiday that gathers all family members around the table. Delicious food, a decorated room, the smell of fresh spruce, and a well-designed entertainment program for family members of all ages will make you feel good.

Calm contests for the family

For example, it can be the game “Crocodile”, loved by many. One family member makes a word that the other family member should gesture, but not use words. You cannot prompt. The one who guesses the word, next shows the hidden word by the previous player. But there is a rule that says that the names and names of cities cannot be used as hidden words. This game will unite all family members even more, and will also allow you to laugh heartily from the gestures that show the riddle.

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1. Game “Mystery box”

This game requires a box that can be pasted over with colored paper and decorated with ribbons and various accessories. It is required to place any item in the box, for example, of a household nature. And invite family members to guess what is inside. The facilitator prompts the answer with leading questions that describe the subject, but do not name it. The person who guessed it is given a surprise in the form of a guessed object. In the same way, you can give gifts prepared for each other for the New Year. Let family members guess what their relatives have prepared for them. It will turn out to be very interesting and exciting. And these emotions from the seen surprise will remain in the memory for a long time.

2. Fanta “Yellow Piggy”

Of course, on New Year’s Eve there should be a game associated with the symbol of the coming year. This is the Yellow Pig. It is necessary to prepare a piglet mask and accessories. A bow for a neck, a ponytail made of wire, a piglet. Either you can sew or buy a one-piece piglet face mask. The game begins with the words of the host: “The time has come for the coming symbol of the year” and gives family members forfeits to choose from. The actions that need to be implemented by the participants are already written on them. These actions can be: walk in the room with the gait of a pig and sit at the main seat at the table; perform a song or tell a poem in pig language; perform a dance with your grandmother or grandfather. After the phantom is drawn, the participant is given a mask and he does what is written on the phantom. Then the task is pulled by the next member of the family and the symbol of the New Year is transferred to him.

Entertainment for children

3. The game “New Year’s Sherlock Holmes”

In order for the game to take place, it is necessary to prepare a medium-sized snowflake from thick paper in advance. Then a participant is selected and taken to another room for a while. At this time, guests hide the snowflake in the room where the festive table and all relatives are located. After that, the one who had the role of conducting the search for the snowflake comes in and begins the investigation. But there is a peculiarity of the game: family members can tell whether a relative is looking for a snowflake correctly using the words “Cold”, “Warm” or “Hot”.

4. Game “Exactly You”

Fur mittens, a hat and a scarf are required. The selected participant is blindfolded with a scarf and mittens are put on the palm of the hand. And a hat is put on another family member. Then the first member of the family is invited to find out by touch which of the relatives is in front of him in the hat.

5. Game “Urgent Fees”

A pre-prepared package with various wardrobe items is required. You can even wear funny and ridiculous clothes. The company chooses two or three family members who are blindfolded. These participants must choose from those who remain, a partner for themselves. And to the music, as well as in the allotted time to dress him up in the things that are offered. The winner is the couple whose participant is dressed in more clothes and the image is unusual and funny.

6. The game “Snowmen”

The participants are divided into two or three teams, depending on the number of people. Any sheets, newspapers, papers should be prepared in advance. In the allotted time, it is required to make a lump out of paper, which will be like a snowball. This lump must keep the appropriate form. After that, the winner is selected. It is the team that will have the largest lump and will not disintegrate. Then you can connect the resulting paper lumps with tape and thus get a snowman.

New Year's games for children

7. Competition “Fabulous New Year”

The competition is very fun. It only needs balloons and felt-tip pens. They are given to any participant in one copy. The task is that it is necessary to draw the face of your favorite fairy tale character or a cartoon character on the ball. It can be Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella and many others. There may be many winners, or even one. It is determined by how much the drawn character will look like himself and whether the rest of the game participants will recognize him.

8. Competition “Test of Destiny”

Requires two hats. One contains prepared notes with questions, and the other hat contains answers to these questions. Then each family member pulls one note from each hat and matches the question with the answer. This couple may sound funny, so this game will definitely appeal to relatives, because it will be funny to read strange, but at the same time funny answers to questions.

9. Competition “Skillful pens”

This competition is not only fun for the family, but also after it there will be decorations for the interior of the house. Participants are given scissors and napkins. The winner is the one who cuts out the most beautiful snowflakes. In exchange for snowflakes, family members receive sweets or tangerines.

10. Competition “Funny Puzzles”

Relatives are divided into two or three teams. Each team is given a set of puzzles depicting a New Year theme. The winner is the team whose members collect the picture faster than the others. An alternative is paper with a printed winter picture. It can be cut into several squares and allowed to assemble in the same way as a puzzle.

New Year's contests for the family

Thanks to such fun and groovy contests, you will not let your friends, family or colleagues get bored. Even the most inveterate fans of watching New Year’s lights will forget about the TV. After all, we are all a little children at heart and love to play, forgetting about adult problems on the happiest and most magical day of the year!

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