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The G3 tour, which runs from Jan. 11 to Feb. 25, features heavy hitters like Satriani, Petrucci and Collen. Previously, G3 featured Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather and Robert Fripp. The invitation to join Satriani’s group came following Collen’s participation in a G4 workshop last summer. Both guitarists agreed to join the project.

Def Leppard’s guitarist Phil Collen joined the G3 tour, and he wowed the crowd with his virtuosic guitar playing. His set also featured a cover of Billy Cobham’s “Quadrant 4,” and he brought along Def Leppard’s lead guitarist, John Petrucci.

Dream Theater’s Phil Collen and Def Leppard’s John Petrucci joined Joe Satriani for a G3 concert in Boston on February 15. Known for their intense playing style, these guitarists made a show to remember. They wowed fans with powerful, rock-n-roll performances and the power of their performances. The show sold out in two weeks and was a sellout for both bands.

Joe Satriani’s latest solo album, “G3”, is due out January 12, 2018. The G3 tour will feature John Petrucci and Def Leppard’s Phil Collen. The band’s first album is slated to be released in January of next year. This album will also feature Phil Collen, a longtime collaborator.

Joe Satriani is considered to be the world’s greatest guitarist. Def Leppard’s John Petrucci is another notable member. Together with the trio, Joe Satriani’s G3 tour features a stellar lineup of musicians who are all considered to be among the best in their respective genres. These bands have been a force to be reckoned with and have earned themselves the right to be called the G3’s.

The G3 tour is organized by guitarist Joe Satriani and features other guitarists. The first tour was in 1995, and has featured many other famous guitarists. These include the legendary John Petrucci, Phil Collen of Def Leppard, and Mike Mangini. The concert will include a wide range of musical styles. For more information on the G3 tours, read the press release below.

The G3 tour will be the last tour for Joe Satriani’s solo album. Def Leppard’s John Petrucci and Dream Theater’s Phil Collen will join him on the tour. A number of other musicians will join the group on the road with Satriani. These artists will share the stage with Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, and Phil Collen.

As the first G3 tour, Satriani invited Dream Theater’s John Petrucci to join the tour. Both guitarists performed songs from their new albums, including “Yo 2 Joe.” In addition to ‘Wrath of the Amazons,’ Dream Theater’s “Damage Control” and “Glassy-Eyed Zombies” were featured. The set included songs from both bands.

Joe Satriani and John Petrucci have long been renowned for their guitar playing. The two guitarists from Def Leppard were also featured on Sunday’s show. Additionally, the trio featured a cover of Billy Cobham’s “Quadrant 4.” The G3 tour ended in Oakland on Sunday with a set of songs by Delta Deep, Dream Theater’s Dave LaRue, and Def Leppard’s Forrest Robinson.

The G3 tour is a showcase of the best guitarists in the world. Traditionally, the tour features two guitars, but the lineup has evolved over the years. In recent years, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson have joined the tour. Earlier this year, the trio added a guest guitarist from Def Leppard called John Petrucci.

In a thirty-minute set, Collen tore through two instrumentals and a cover of Billy Cobham’s “Quadrant 4” and a song ode to Satriani. Afterward, he introduced Debbi Blackwell-Cook, who completed the Delta Deep lineup with her and phil collen. During the rest of the show, the band rocked through classic hits like “Bless These Blues,” “Burnt Sally,” and Deep Purple’s” “Down in the Delta.”

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