Game of Thrones – we analyze the images of the heroines of the cult series

The cult series “Game of Thrones”, which has won the hearts of millions of fans around the world, amazes with an unpredictable plot, stunning acting, spectacular battles, and of course, magnificent outfits of the main characters.

At the same time, the images of all the characters in the saga are not just beautiful attire, outfits play a special role here, reflecting the social status, position, character, and sometimes even the intentions of a particular character. That is why all the images of the heroines of the series are thought out to the smallest detail, and each detail has a special meaning and carries a message.

“The costumes help the viewer to feel the character of the character, his status, his role in the Game. The color and cut of the suit are appropriate for the situation. “

Michelle Clapton, Game of Thrones costume designer

Cersei Lannister – “Iron Lady” of the Seven Kingdoms

Cersei Lannister is one of the central figures in Game of Thrones, a domineering and strong woman who has gone through a lot in eight seasons: ups and downs, triumph and disappointment, the death of loved ones and imprisonment. During this time, her wardrobe has undergone major changes.

In the first seasons, Cersei emphasizes her belonging to the Lannister house in every possible way, dressing mainly in red dresses with details in the form of lions – the coat of arms of her family. Her image during this period is a mature femininity, expressed in heavy, expensive fabrics, elegant cuts, rich intricate embroidery and large gold jewelry.

Cersei Lannister

“I don’t know how strong Cersei is in reality, but in clothes she cultivates the image of a strong ruler.”

Michelle Clapton

However, after the death of her eldest son, Cersei dresses in mourning: now she wears black or dark blue dresses, in which sharp and metallic elements are increasingly visible.

Cersei Lannister
The next stage in the evolution of Cersei’s image is her rise to power, which coincided with the beginning of Winter: becoming the sole ruler, she finally demonstrates her strength and power.

Cersei Lannister1

Femininity and luxury are leaving, they are replaced by minimalism: all Cersei’s toilets are made in cold dark colors, leather becomes a favorite material, complemented by metal accessories – a crown and shoulder pads, emphasizing the queen’s rigidity.

Cersei Lannister3

“She achieved what she wanted, she no longer needs to emphasize her femininity. Cersei thinks that she is on equal terms with men, and I wanted to show that in her toilets. “

Michelle Clapton

Daenerys Targaryen – From Little Khaleesi to Queen of Conquest

Daenerys of House Targaryen has come a long way from the wife of a nomadic leader (Khaleesi) to the conqueror of the Seven Kingdoms. Her appearance has evolved along with her status: if at the beginning we see the usual companion of a nomad in primitive clothes made of rough cloth and leather,

Daenerys Targaryen

then in the second season, having become free, Daenerys is already choosing images in the antique style.

Daenerys Targaryen1

Her wardrobe is based on light, feminine dresses with draperies, white and blue colors.

Daenerys Targaryen2

“The dress changes reflect Daenerys’ status as a leader and also have practical meaning.”

Michelle Clapton

After leaving for Westeros, Daenerys dresses in darker and more closed clothes: from that moment on, she is no longer an exiled princess, but a full-fledged contender for the throne, ready for war.

Daenerys Targaryen3

Daenerys’ intentions are expressed in strict, clear silhouettes that give her clothes a resemblance to a military uniform, colors typical for her house – black and red, and accessories in the form of dragons – the coat of arms of her name. Pay attention to the details: as Daenerys approaches the throne, her looks become more conservative and her hair more complex.

Daenerys Targaryen4

Sansa Stark – from the naive “bird” to the Queen of the North

In the first season, when we first meet Sansa Stark, she appears as a naive, dreamy princess, which is expressed in her image: floor-length dresses, delicate colors – pink and blue, accessories in the form of butterflies and dragonflies.

Sansa Stark

Once in the capital, she begins to imitate Queen Regent Cersei, choosing similar dress silhouettes and even copying her hairstyles. This symbolizes Sansa’s humiliated and disenfranchised position at court, where she is locked like a bird in a cage.

Sansa Stark

Along with the circumstances, Sansa’s appearance also changes: after leaving the capital, she finally creates her own style, symbolizing her independence and belonging to the North.

Sansa Stark1

She chooses extremely dark colors – black, dark blue, brown, gray, and heavy dense materials – homespun cloth, velvet, leather, fur. Dragonflies and butterflies give way to massive chains, wide belts and wolf embroidery – the coat of arms of the House of Starks.

Sansa Stark2

Margaery Tyrell is the beautiful “rose” of Westeros

The ambitious Margaery Tyrell strives for power, like many others, but her main weapon is seduction, and this is clearly visible in her images.

Margaery Tyrell

Almost all dresses have the same style: a tight bodice with a very deep, defiant neckline, a high waist and a flowing, weightless skirt that adds seduction. Sometimes there are open cutouts on the back, hands are almost always open. Margaery’s favorite color is sky blue, and the most frequently used decoration detail is a golden rose – the coat of arms of her family name.

Margaery Tyrell1

“I wanted the roses to look not so much beautiful as dangerous – to match Margaery.”

Michelle Clapton

Lady Melisandre – Red Priestess of Asshai

Mysterious Lady Melisandre appears in the second season of the series and immediately makes an indelible impression: red robes that emphasize a beautiful figure, long ruby-colored hair and a catchy jewelry around the neck with a massive stone.

Lady Melisandre 1

For eight seasons, the image of the red priestess has practically not changed and it is not surprising, because her outfits mean Melisandre’s belonging to the cult of the God of fire and are a kind of uniform for the representatives of this caste. That is why red color predominates in her clothes, and her silhouette often resembles tongues of flame.

Lady Melisandre

Throughout the series, the style of some of the heroines of “Game of Thrones” has undergone serious transformations, which is just associated with the games in the political arena, while others have been almost unchanged. However, in the appearance of each one can see the characteristic features of medieval and antique fashion, as well as references to the names of the heroines – the images and colors of their family coats of arms.

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