Gee Money Net Worth

Gee Money Net Worth & Other Details

Hip hop culture can be an unpredictable place. Many rappers party until dawn, flaunt large sums of money and drugs online, and sometimes get into violent feuds which lead to their demise too soon – such was Gee Money’s story; an accomplished rapper killed in one such feud.

But just how much did he earn before his passing? Let’s find out!

Gee Money Net Worth and Other Details Born Garrett Burton and known by his stage name Gee Money, this rapper from Baton Rouge rose to prominence during the late 1990s. A member of TBG group and involved in an ongoing feud with rival NBA group. Unfortunately this eventually resulted in Gee Money being shot dead.

His death came as a great shock to both the music industry and his fans and family alike. Although his career was brief, it had quite an impact. He made waves with the release of G-Code 2 as well as singles Jack Who, Take It There and All I Know which reached #11 on Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2017. Furthermore, American hip-hop publication XXL named him one of twelve Baton Rouge Rappers You Need To Know in February 2017 publication.

Notable for both his musical career and acting talents, he made his film debut with 2007’s independent feature film “The Panman: Rhythm of the Palms”. Additionally, he performed as an extra in The Fugitive movie as well.

Gee Money was an exceptional and promising rapper, and it is no secret why he amassed such wealth during his life. A star on the rise, it would’ve been fascinating to witness what would come of his talent and popularity in future endeavors.

He was an accomplished singer, writer, and performer; possessing charismatic charm as well as being knowledgeable of current trends in terms of what was trending at any given time. Additionally, he was a great businessman with an eye for what was popular at any given moment in time.

He was an up-and-coming rapper destined to become a true superstar; yet his death came as a devastating shock for both loved ones and fans alike. At once heartbreaking and inspiring, his death caused changes in how music industry operates; his influence can still be felt beyond his years. We remember him with love in our hearts forevermore!

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