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Not every girl can boast of a beautiful manicure, but the weaker sex, without exception, dreams of it. In a beauty salon, the extension procedure, as you know, is quite expensive, but this does not mean that you can forget about long beautiful nails – today you can do it yourself.

A practicing nail master, on the instructions of the COLADY editorial staff, told how to build up nails with gel at home to herself. Introducing the best step-by-step technology.

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We build up nails with gel at home – the pros and cons

Of course, nail extension in a salon is a guarantee of quality (with the appropriate qualifications of specialists), atmosphere, prestige, another opportunity for communication. But even a self-carried out procedure has its own Benefits:

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere (saves time). At home, you can do your marigolds at any time – even in the middle of the night. And there is absolutely no need to sign up anywhere, waste time on trips, etc.
  • You save money (excluding a one-time investment in a treatment kit).
  • At home, it is much more comfortable and calm.
  • You can make a drawing / pattern for nails based on your imagination.

From cons carrying out the procedure at home, the following can be noted:

  • Self-extension of nails will take at least two hours from you at first.
  • Removing gel nails requires skill – it will be difficult without a master.

What you need for gel nail extension at home – a set of materials and tools

Photo by Pixabay

At the very beginning of training, you should not make a choice in favor of expensive means for gel nail modeling. Medium-cost drugs are enough. It is recommended to give preference to such brands:

So what’s included in set for home nail extension?

  1. Hand disinfector.
  2. Gel modeling brush.
  3. Files. Best option: 100/120 grit. It is better to take several of them at once. The best shape is the boomerang.
  4. Buff. It is used at the last stage of filing an artificial nail. Experts recommend a buff – 120/120/120 grit.
  5. Nail scissors.
  6. Pusher. Such orange sticks (or cuticle spatulas) are indispensable things for nail extension.
  7. Brush that removes dust from nails.
  8. Forms for nail extension. Better – with a wide bonding zone.
  9. Tweezers for clamping nails.
  10. Lint-free wipes to remove the sticky layer.
  11. Lamp. It is desirable for 36 watts, and with a timer.
  12. Nail Prep – for better adhesion of natural and artificial nails.
  13. Primer (“primer”). Better, to avoid burning, use acid-free. You cannot do without it.
  14. Base Gel – for two-phase gel extension.
  15. Modeling gel.
  16. A preparation for removing the sticky layer.
  17. Finish gel.
  18. Special cuticle oil.

If you are going to make yourself a fren or other more complex design, then you will need the following gels:

  • Liquid Ultra White (traced jacket).
  • Color (a couple of jars).
  • White (salon jacket).
  • Camouflage (bodily).

Additional materials for nail design:

  • Brushes for drawing pictures.
  • Acrylic paints (better Policolor).
  • Sequins, honeycomb, mica and other decoration elements.

Preparing for home gel nail extension: basic rules

How to build up nails with gel at home for yourself - step by step instructions from a nail master
Photo by Pixabay

Preparation consists of several stages, the strict implementation of which will be the key to a high-quality procedure.

  1. Wash hands with soap (antibacterial).
  2. Disinfecting hands with a special agent or alcohol (70%).
  3. Cut and file the free nail edge.
  4. Don’t cut your cuticles right before the procedure (it is better to do this a week before). Otherwise, you run the risk of introducing an infection and ruining your entire build-up procedure. Carefully move the cuticle with a pusher.
  5. We process nails with a file 180/240 grit, easily and superficially removing the glossy layer of nails. Do not forget about the cuticle area and the lateral areas of the nail. As a result, the nails should be slightly rough, matte, without glossy gaps.

Home gel nail extension on tips – step-by-step instructions, video

  • Degrease nails with NailPrep, dry for at least 3 minutes.
  • Do not touch the surface of the nails after processing!
  • Apply a primer (primer).
  • We choose the tips and then carefully glue them.

On a note: if this is the first procedure for you, then it makes sense to do extensions on each nail in turn. It will take longer, but it will provide a really high quality manicure.

  1. Further – cut tips special nippers, choosing the desired length.
  2. Carefully avoid touching the natural nail, we make filing boundaries between your nail and tips.
  3. Brush apply a thin layer of gel on extended nails. Remember to apply the gel at a 45 degree angle to avoid sagging on the cuticle area.
  4. Drying the gel under a UV lamp for at least 2 minutes.
  5. Apply the 2nd, thicker gel layer
  6. Dry it again under a UV lamp for 4 minutes.
  7. If the gel gets on the skin, carefully remove it with a pusher.
  8. Remove the remaining gelatinous layer with a previously prepared special liquid.
  9. Give your nails the perfect shape (filing).
  10. If the manicure is French, apply a layer of pink gel after the transparent layer, and then form a “smile” line with white gel.
  11. Further cover nails with a finish gel to make them shine.
  12. Do not forget rub oil into the cuticle

The gel manicure is ready!

How to build up nails with gel at home – video instruction

Commentary by a practicing nail master


Dear Ladies!

If you decide to build up your nails with gel at home, then please do not forget about disinfection and sterilization! This is important, because if you do not follow the relevant rules and regulations, you can, at best, visit a fungus on your nails. The fact is that the gel, after hardening on a poorly processed plate, is an excellent medium for the development of pathogenic microflora, so sterilize well the instrument you will be working with.

Another important point is the preparation of nails for extension. I will give you some useful recommendations:

  • Degrease the nail plate well.
  • Dehederate it.
  • Coat your nails with a thin layer of base.

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