George Christie Net Worth

Important Facts About George Christie’s Net Worth

George Christie’s net worth is in the millions. As a former governor of New Jersey, he earned upwards of $5 million. Christie is also a published author and has appeared in television commercials, speeches and books. He is currently building his net worth through acting in commercials, speeches, and volunteering for campaigns. His social media following is large as well. Below are some facts about his net worth.

A member of the Hells Angels, Christie has spent decades in the gang. He was the main spokesperson of the gang and spent time in prison. Although his net worth is not known, he has been open about his experiences. He has even spoken out about his reasons for leaving the gang. Christie is now a consultant for first-time offenders, and lends his expertise as an event speaker. He is also the author of “Exile on Front Street – My Life as a Hells angel”.

George Christie was born in America on April 26, 1947. His mother and father, George Christie, Sr. are not yet known. Christie’s father has been involved in the motorcycle and outlaw culture from childhood. In his youth, he began to ride motorcycles and surf with his friends. In 1957, he bought his first motorcycle, a Panhead. George Christie’s net worth is still unknown.

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