Grandma’s things that are back in fashion

Remember, grandmother said not to throw away her things, will they come in handy yet? So it’s time to uncover grandma’s chests! Vintage never goes out of style! So these pieces will add a retro touch to your outfit.

Let’s see what things are worth paying attention to.


This is perhaps the most coveted bag of the last few seasons and future ones as well!

Wear these bags with simple essentials like jeans and a jacket or blouse.

The reticule will also look beautiful with a flying dress and ankle boots with small heels or with a lingerie-style dress and sandals.

Radicle bag 2

bag radicle

Pierrot’s shirt

These are shirts with a frill on the chest and ruffles on the cuffs.

It is ideal to wear such a shirt to “calm” her, with jeans and pumps or with pointed ballet shoes.

You will get a very beautiful, bohemian look.

How to wear

Mary Jane Shoes

The shoes got their name from the comic book heroine Buster Brown – a girl Mary Jane in the early twentieth century.

Nowadays the trend “for childhood” is very popular and such shoes are just its personification.

Mary Jane shoes are round-toed shoes with medium heels in the shape of a brick, they have a strap with a closure at the instep.

In the collection of the new spring-summer 2020 season, the designers brought a touch of originality and presented Mary Jane shoes, both with low heels and with stiletto heels.

You can see these shoes in a variety of colors from austere black to vibrant colors.

Very beautifully, Mary Jane shoes are combined with romantic dresses! By adding colored knee-highs or tights, you will make your look very original.

Mary Jane's shoes

Mary Jane's shoes

Floral Dresses

In order not to look like a grandmother, I recommend combining these dresses with modern things.

For example, with a leather jacket and rough boots or with a jacket and Cossacks.

How to wear

How to wear

Clothing with lace crochet

Designers breathed new life into it, presenting crochet products in various variations.

These can be tops, bodysuits, blouses, dresses or skirts, as well as crochet bags.

Crochet products look very elegant and feminine.

Since lace itself is very accent, combine crochet with simple, modern pieces.

For example, wearing a crochet top with a suit and pumps can go on a date and look very elegant.

How to wear

Clothing with lace

Clothing with lace

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