Greg Germann Net Worth

Gregory Germann Net Worth – How Much Is Gregory Germann Worth?

Gregory Andrew Germann is an esteemed American TV actor and director who first gained notoriety through his starring role on Ally McBeal. Known for his methodical approach towards acting roles and believe that immersing oneself into character’s psyche is crucial, Gregory also is popular for portraying Hades in Once Upon a Time TV series.

He began his career in New York City during the 1980s and quickly rose through various stage productions, showing off a strong work ethic with every production he took part in. An expert actor trained to keep himself fit, he has an attractive physique. Additionally, he is an exceptional writer who has contributed his skills for numerous television shows and films.

Germann first gained fame as Eric “Rico” Moyer on Ned and Stacey, which ran for five seasons and garnered him a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. From there he went on to star as Richard Fish in Ally McBeal, for which he won multiple awards and nominations. Additionally he appeared on Sweet Justice as well as making appearances in movies Streetwalkin’, Creepy Miss Firecracker Tattinger’s and Miami Vice.

He currently portrays Dr. Tom Koracick on Grey’s Anatomy and is one of its most regarded actors, earning top pay and consistently giving stellar performances.

Germann is not only a renowned actor but also an accomplished writer and director. With an emphasis on creating high-quality scripts for directors to use as they direct, Germann excels at writing original material as well as being skilled at improvisation – an aspect which has allowed him to sharpen his acting abilities further.

At 65 years old, actor Asa Germann is in love with Martha Champlin – their relationship dates back to 2013. Together since 2013 they’re living a happy life together with Asa Germann having been born in 1997 as well as becoming stepfathers for three children from Champlin’s previous marriages.

Germann has an extremely vibrant personality and does not shy away from expressing himself freely. He’s very social and loves hanging out with his friends; he believes in maintaining a positive outlook to ensure success; dedicated father, always there for his son; generous, kind-hearted person with plenty of love to give; an inspiration to many.

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