Grip Clean Net Worth

What Happened to the Natural Grip Net Worth?

Grip Clean is an all-natural industrial strength hand soap designed to rid hands of grease, oil and stains using dirt. The company was established by Bryce Hudson – one of the legendary stunt bikers from Motocross who has won multiple world championships and participated in X Games – who founded his hand soap venture as an attempt at helping others avoid painful consequences due to daily contact with dirt on hands.

Bryce entered the Shark Tank seeking help to launch his product onto the market. Previously selling to local motorcycle shops, he is hoping to go national. According to him, his product outshines chemical-laden hand cleaners because it contains an advanced mix of dirt that helps cut through grease and grime on hands more effectively.

After appearing on Shark Tank, this company made numerous key partnerships, including with Cycle Gear–one of the country’s premier retailers of motorcycle clothing and parts–Advance Auto Parts, CarQuest and Amazon stores to increase sales and expand distribution networks. Furthermore, their own website and Amazon storefront allow customers to easily purchase their products.

Apart from hand soaps, the company offers various other items designed to help professionals keep their hands clean. Both its website and Amazon storefront feature an assortment of these products including rust removers, hand creams, nail brushes and fingernail wipes; many industries such as automotive manufacturing, food processing and mining use them regularly.

What Happened To The Natural Grip Net Worth? After appearing on Shark Tank, The Natural Grip received a $125,000 investment from Robert Herjavec in exchange for 25% ownership of their company. They continued making sales after appearing and reached major retail outlets such as Reebok and Dick’s sporting goods; additionally they provided grips to every athlete participating in Crossfit Games! Unfortunately in 2018, due to low sales volumes and ineffective marketing, The Natural Grip was forced out of business.

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