Gwendoline Christie and other tall stars

There is an opinion that the ideal girl should be petite and fragile in order to appear as Thumbelina next to men. However, these stars destroy all stereotypes and prove that high growth is by no means a problem, but a dignity for a woman. By the way, today one of the tallest beauties in Hollywood celebrates her birthday – Gwendoline Christie… We remember who else can boast of being tall.

Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie (191 cm)

It is in “Game of Thrones” the heroine Gwendoline Christie looks like an unfeminine lady-knight, a mighty warrior, but in real life this girl is simply charming and slays anyone with her charm, not her sword. High growth does not prevent her from building a successful career on television and in the theater, as well as being the beloved woman of Giles Deacon.

Gwendoline Christie 2

Maria Sharapova (188 cm)

Growth for athlete Maria Sharapova is not a problem, but an excellent bonus on the tennis court. However, outside of sports, long legs and a slender figure cannot but be a trump card: Maria has repeatedly become the face of various brands and advertising campaigns, such as Nike, Avon Luck, Porsche.

Maria Sharapova

Brooke Shields (183 cm)

Brooke Shields’s rather large growth did not prevent her from becoming an icon of beauty and the dream of millions of men around the world. Thanks to her external data and artistry, she was able to make a career both in the modeling field, starring for Vogue and Calvin Klein, and in films. And “Blue Lagoon” in 1980, starring Brooke, has become an all-time classic.

Brooke Shields

Uma Thurman (181 cm)

In childhood and adolescence, Uma Thurman suffered a lot because of her height, but later it was her appearance that helped her become the muse of one of the geniuses of modern cinema. Can you imagine a miniature actress as the professional assassin of Black Mamba, who will crumble all enemies to pieces? So we can’t.

Uma Thurman

Famke Janssen (182 cm)

If you are worried about being tall, then take a look at the actress and fashion model Famke Janssen: the tall beauty does not hesitate to appear in mini on the red carpet and in everyday life, and yet she is already 55 years old. That’s who you should learn from self-confidence!

Famke Janssen

Elizabeth Debicki (190 cm)

“An elegant giraffe” – this is how the costume designer described the heroine Elizabeth in the mini-series “The Night Administrator”. Thanks to a stately, slender figure, innate grace and aristocratic appearance, Elizabeth traditionally plays girls with good taste, incredible charm and a sharp mind.

Elizabeth Debicki

Nicole Kidman (180 cm)

During her marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman chose shoes with flat soles or very low heels – the husband himself asked her about this, so as not to appear short next to the tall Nicole. But immediately after the divorce, the actress said: “I can finally wear heels.” and began to shine on the red carpet in high heels. Her current husband Keith Urban is not at all embarrassed by the growth of his wife.

Nicole Kidman

Tilda Swinton (180 cm)

Few people guess, but the height of the British Tilda Swinton is as much as 180 centimeters! The figure is rather big, however, this does not in any way interfere with Tilda’s acting career, because the greatest attention is always paid to the beauty of her unusual face.

Tilda Swinton

Karlie Kloss (185 cm)

Tall growth was for Karlie Kloss a happy ticket to the world of the fashion industry. A slender girl with the parameters of a supermodel quickly gained popularity and became the favorite of various couturiers and brands: Calvin Klein, Versace, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Victoria’s Secret – all of them more than once invited her to take part in their shows. Carly has twice been included in the list of the most popular models of our time.

Karlie Kloss

Eva Herzigova (180 cm)

Another catwalk star, distinguished by a rather big growth and a dizzying career. Eva tried herself as a model in 1989, and already in 1992 she appeared on the cover of British Vogue. The star is often compared to such a legend as Marilyn Monroe and is called one of the sexiest models of the 90s and 2000s.

Eva Herzigova

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