Harris Academy St Johns Wood Sixth Form

The sixth form at Harris Academy St Johns Wood is a large, non-selective secondary school with over 1,300 pupils aged 11 to 18 years. Since joining the Harris Federation in November 2017, the academy has become one of the leading independent schools in London, providing excellent training and progression opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Here, students can choose how to score themselves and develop the skills and knowledge to become successful adults.

The school’s ethos is based on the values of determination and dedication, which is reflected in its Sixth Form Study Centre and Code of Conduct. The school makes use of the Bromcom system to monitor attendance and punctuality. This tool allows for detailed reporting of attendance rates and is crucial in helping to improve the school’s reputation. Here, pupils are encouraged to work hard and achieve their full potential.

The school was founded in 1842 as a non-selective secondary school. It was transformed into an academy in November 2011. In 2008, it was rated as outstanding, again by the Ofsted inspectorate. However, in 2014, the school was rated as “requires improvement” and again in April 2017. The sixth form at Harris Academy St Johns Wood is dedicated to the students’ progress. It aims to provide them with a rich and well-rounded education.

Harris Academy St Johns Wood is part of the Harris group of academies in London. It was recently featured on the BBC London News website, which reports that the school has made efforts to teach black history. This includes teaching works by black playwrights across genres and the civil rights movement in History. The sixth form at Harris Academy St Johns Wood is open to all students from year 11 onwards.

The academy is part of a cluster of schools and shares teaching. All the sites are connected by the Harris FederationMulti-Academy Trust, so students can benefit from this model. The school has a highly qualified staff, and the curriculum is varied and innovative. While the Sixth Form Study Centre provides an atmosphere for learning, a dedicated student can excel in academic studies in a challenging environment.

Harris Academy St Johns Wood is one of the Harris academies in the London area. The school’s teachers are committed to teaching the civil rights movement and black history, and the school is rated “outstanding” in its quality by the Ofsted. Its students will have the opportunity to choose from the three Harris academies in London, and select the best one according to their individual needs.

As a member of the Harris Academy St Johns Wood cluster, this sixth form offers a comprehensive education in a multicultural environment. Its staff was recently interviewed by the BBC London News. The school is also committed to teaching black history throughout the school year. Moreover, the staff are working to promote cultural awareness of students through works by black playwrights of all genres, and the civil rights movement is a focal point of the History curriculum.

The school’s standards of behaviour are high. The leaders expect good behaviour from pupils, and the whole staff is behind this. The pupils feel safe and secure inside the school, and the leaders have a clear vision for them. This ensures that they achieve high grades in their GCSE exams and in their diverse sixth form courses. In addition, Harris Academy St Johns Wood offers many other benefits to its students. The community is well-served in terms of diversity, as the local economy is thriving.

The school’s culture reflects its values. It is dedicated to good behaviour, and pupils feel safe inside the school. The leadership has a clear vision for its pupils and it is clear that students achieve well in their GCSE exams. Moreover, the Sixth Form Study Centre has a strong focus on developing critical thinking and creativity. The Sixth Form Study Centre is an integral part of the Academy.

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