Hawkins Levels of Consciousness Inspiring Personal Growth

Have you ever wondered what consciousness is? No one will answer the first time. Spoiler alert – you won’t get an answer even 10 times. The fact is that, unlike the sensuously perceptible brain, consciousness cannot be opened, touched, or empirically investigated. Therefore, many doctors of medicine and philosophy, including the hero of today’s article, David Hawkins, are dealing with the mysterious issue of consciousness with great interest.

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Hawkins’ theory: from bacteria to Buddha

An interesting concept belongs to the American researcher – the scale of consciousness. According to this concept, the model of evolution is an ordered hierarchy of levels of consciousness from 1 to 1000 units.

Approaching each subsequent step ascending allows you to open up new opportunities for self-improvement, which is why this process is accompanied by significant changes in life. In the course of experimental studies, the scientist found that people can switch from level to level, however, usually a certain status is predominant and stable.

For clarity: the consciousness of the first level will be in the simplest cell or bacteria. And the highest, 1000 level, is possessed by Jesus or Buddha.

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What is the level of consciousness

It is noteworthy that a conscious interest in self-development appears only at around 200 points on a scale of 1000. It is impossible to distinguish good or bad steps, since they are all qualitatively different in nature. The level of consciousness is not an indicator of intelligence, this variable is determined by the negative emotion that dominates in everyday life. Professional success, building harmonious relationships with others, the implementation of plans and dreams, a specific model of behavior, as well as the general standard of living directly depend on it.

Important! The level of consciousness should not be confused with intelligence or emotional intelligence. The level of consciousness is about energy and vibration.

Classification of levels of consciousness

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In total, David Hawkins identified 17 levels, each of which has its own meaning. Here is a list of them with a brief description, and the corresponding coefficients will be indicated in brackets.

  1. Shame (twenty). A vivid manifestation of self-aggression, the likelihood of committing suicide or causing harm to others.
  2. Guilt (thirty). Failure to forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  3. Apathy (50). Feelings of hopelessness, self-flagellation, inability to make attempts to improve the quality of life.
  4. Grief (75). It is typical for severe stress shocks, for example, after the loss of a loved one.
  5. Fear (one hundred). Distrust, paranoia, a sense of danger.
  6. Lust (125). Striving for benefits in the absence of goal-setting and action.
  7. Anger (150). Disappointment in oneself and one’s strengths due to the inability to change something, but an awareness of the need for these changes.
  8. Pride (175). Dependence on the external environment, false self-confidence, exaggeration of the current position in society.
  9. Bravery (200). The realization that life is full of discoveries and exciting challenges, and the future is unlimited opportunities for personal growth.
  10. Neutrality (250). Quiet life, a sense of security and stability. Lack of desire to achieve more.
  11. Readiness (310). Having enjoyed the comfort, a person begins to use the available resources more efficiently, to develop his strengths. Consciousness becomes more organized and disciplined.
  12. Adoption (350). Motivation to be active, search for developed abilities worthy of use.
  13. Intelligence (400). Clear and rational thoughts, the ability to use opportunities to the maximum is manifested.
  14. Love (500). An unconditional feeling of empathy, empathy, awareness of oneself as part of a vast world. The motives for action are pure and not tainted by passions.
  15. Joy (540). A feeling of overwhelming and lasting happiness. There is no need for goals and detailed plans, consciousness operates with higher concepts.
  16. Rest (600). The idea of ​​things that are inaccessible or empirical knowledge and not based on experience.
  17. Enlightenment (700-1000). The range of the highest states of consciousness available to a person, union with divinity.

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Summarizing this long list, we can distinguish 4 main levels

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  1. Adaptation – from 0 to 75. At these levels, a person is not able to adequately perceive the events that are taking place, to establish causal knowledge. A sincere desire to improve life, goal-setting is completely absent.
  2. Socialization – from 75 to 175. A person makes efforts to build beneficial relationships with others, which allow you to achieve personal goals. Further dynamics can lead to both progress and regression. The personality will either continue to improve, or, without crossing the internal barrier, will return to the lower levels of consciousness.
  3. Existential – from 175 to 350. At this stage, responsibility for oneself and one’s life develops, the understanding that any difficulties can be overcome – it is enough to make the appropriate efforts. The person refuses the position of the victim, the search for those responsible for their failures.
  4. Energetic – from 450 to 1000. A shift in focus from the mind to the heart, enlightenment, unity with the outside world, independence from the availability of goods, the absence of material needs.

It is important to understand that the level of consciousness depends on internal attitudes, and not on the action of external factors. Under the influence of certain changes, a person can step over a step, however, when the extraneous influence ends, he will return to the usual level of consciousness.

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According to Hawkins, it turns out that up to level 200 it is about destruction, and after level 200 it is creation and real power. I think this concept can inspire everyone to active personal growth.

Dear readers, in your opinion, at which level of the 4 generalized are you at the moment? And what level would you like to achieve in your life?

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