Healthy lifestyle specialist spoke about the benefits of charging for women

Without what you cannot wake up completely in the morning and feel a surge of vivacity? Without a cup of coffee? A contrast shower? Music? Every woman has her own means. But the main secret of a successful start to the day and recharging with the right energy is in the morning exercises.

Is morning exercises useful for a woman and how to do it correctly to energize? Read on COLADY.

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Why do you need morning exercises?

Blood circulates in the body during sleep much slower than during daytime wakefulness. Therefore, upon awakening, lethargy, decreased activity and performance, sensitivity and speed of our reactions are noted.

This state for everyone lasts for a different period of time – from an hour to three. As a result, we get to work half asleep and there we continue nodding until the body realizes that it is awake.

Morning exercise is an opportunity to drive away sleep and normalize all processes in the body. in 15 minutes.

What are the goals and benefits of regular morning exercises?

  • Improving overall tone.
  • Slowing down the aging process.
  • Normalization of metabolism.
  • Significant savings on medicines, due to an increase in the body’s defenses.
  • Load on all muscle groups.
  • Improving joint mobility, etc.

What exercises to do in the morning and how to do it right

Recharging after waking up involves a set of exercises to strengthen all muscles and switch the body to the “toned” mode.

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Exercises every woman should do in the morning

  • Breathing exercises (there is plenty of exercise on the Internet). See also: Three exercises of breathing exercises jianfei.
  • Walking barefoot on the floor (do not rush to pull on slippers – there are a lot of points on the feet associated with important internal organs).
  • Massage / exercise for fingers and hands to activate blood circulation (especially useful for mouse and keyboard workers).
  • Exercises for the abs.
  • Raising the arms to the sides and raising them up (for straightening the spine and for the benefit of the joints of the shoulder girdle).
  • Squats. The simplest but very useful exercise for increasing the mobility of the joints in the legs and training the hips.
  • Slopes – forward / backward, with a pendulum and with a swing to the side (we awaken the muscles of the trunk, increase the mobility of the spine, strengthen the press).
  • Flapping movements with arms / legs (we increase the tone of joints and muscles).
  • Running / jumping in place (for quick awakening and normalization of metabolism).
  • Pushups.

15 minutes of charging in the morning is enough. 5 minutes for warm-up, 10 minutes for strengthening muscles and spine, with a gradual increase in intensity.

Don’t like classic exercises? Play music and move to its rhythm. Regular 15-minute exercise is your health, harmony and good spirits.

Basic rules for morning exercises for women – how to do morning exercises correctly?

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The main rule of morning exercises is no serious exercise and stress. The main task is not sports form, but the fight against laziness, energy charge before the working day and high efficiency.

The rest of the recommendations should also be remembered so that charging does not become hard labor, but is exclusively for joy and benefit:

  1. Don’t focus on a specific muscle group. Firstly, the purpose of charging is different, and secondly, in the morning there is simply no time for it.
  2. Don’t confuse exercise with workout. Exercising is a quick and fun process to keep you awake, exercise is a responsible, purposeful activity with a serious warm-up and 30 minutes (minimum) after waking up.
  3. Start by walking or jogging (for example, on a treadmill).
  4. Follow the rules exceptionally healthy sleep
  5. The easiest exercises you can start while still in bed – from stretching to the “candle”.
  6. Before charging, drink some water and open the window – fresh air is a must.
  7. Change exercise patterns often – do not allow monotony.

You will not even notice how the moment will come – when you do not have to force yourself to crawl out of bed and, grimacing, lazily move your leg and arm under the news on TV.

Daily exercise invigorates a woman, and you quickly get used to vigor and excellent well-being. This good habit will ensure you fruitful work and only good sunrises.

How to do morning exercises – video

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