Heidi Klum scared subscribers with makeup

Supermodel Heidi Klum knows how to be not only a beauty from the cover, but also a real “monster”: the master of transformations has been participating in the celebration of Halloween for many years in a row and every time she surprises with her looks. And although there is still almost a month before the holiday, Heidi has already tried on a frightening make-up in advance and reminded the subscribers of the upcoming masquerade. The star shared a short video where she appeared in the form of either a bloodthirsty zombie, or a monster from the movie “It”. It turned out really very realistic and frightening.

Heidi Klum 2
Photo @heidiklum
Heidi Klum
Photo @heidiklum

Halloween queen

It is no coincidence that Heidi Klum is called “the queen of Halloween”: the star not only enjoys participating in costume parties, but for twenty years in a row she herself has been organizing breathtaking events in honor of All Saints’ Day, gathering the most famous Hollywood stars. The hostess of the evening herself, of course, appears every time in incredible costumes, traditionally topping the lists of the best Halloween looks. For many years, Heidi managed to visit the Serpent-tempter, an old woman, the goddess Kali, an alien, a catwoman, a crow, a butterfly, a gorilla … It seems that Heidi can do absolutely any reincarnation, and the star’s sense of humor and ingenuity can only be envied.

Ready for Halloween: Heidi Klum scared subscribers with makeup

Ready for Halloween: Heidi Klum scared subscribers with makeup

Ready for Halloween: Heidi Klum scared subscribers with makeup

What to expect this year?

Unfortunately, this year we will most likely not see a traditional party in its usual format due to the pandemic. However, there is a possibility that Heidi will still hold the event, but online and we will be able to evaluate the costumes of the stars. And the supermodel herself has already hinted that in any case she is not going to refuse the party and will spend it at home in a narrow family circle. We are looking forward to what the star will surprise us with this year.

Heidi Klum 3
Photo @heidiklum

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