Hidden Phobias of the Zodiac Signs

Deep fear at the level of instincts is inherent in every person, but the reasons for it are different. In some, their legs become wadded closer to the edge of a cliff or on a high attraction, others are afraid of meeting snakes or spiders. In the closets of the zodiac signs, not only skeletons are stored, but also hidden phobias, which many do not even want to talk about.


Determined and courageous people give the impression of fearless knights and Amazons, but in a confined space they turn into timid lambs. Aries is more likely to master several flights up the stairs than to take advantage of the benefits of civilization in the form of an elevator. The mere thought that it is possible to get stuck in a cramped cabin leads the wards of Mars to indescribable horror.



It is difficult to scare the practical representatives of the earth sign with werewolves or vampires. Taurus do not believe in mysticism, so they have a logical explanation for every folk tale. This is one of the few zodiac signs that does not suffer from phobias, but trusts inner fears. Taurus will never jump with a parachute and will not become a hostage of gambling, guided by common sense.


Fantasy often plays a cruel joke with representatives of the air sign, painting gloomy pictures. For this reason, Gemini is afraid of depth and darkness, where anyone can hide. They will not pass late at night along an unlit alley, and are unlikely to swim too far from the shore. Wards of Mercury are physically hardy, but the nervous system leaves much to be desired.


Astrologers call this sign the most emotionally unstable sign. On Cancers, you can write an encyclopedia of psychiatry in several volumes, since they are afraid of absolutely everything. Modest men shy away from beautiful women, ladies are afraid of becoming a victim of ridicule. It remains to add the fear of high speed, public speaking and heights – and this is just the beginning of the list of Cancer’s hidden phobias.

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Despite the external bravado and confidence, representatives of the fire sign are very afraid of doctors and any medical manipulations. One type of dentist is capable of making Lions nervous, so they postpone a visit to him until the last moment. As arguments, the Sun wards cite good health and employment at work, hiding true fear from others.


Representatives of the earth sign cannot stand creeping reptiles and insects – even butterflies cause genuine horror. Other phobias include fear of becoming imperfect, fear of unpleasant odors, dirt and disorder. For this reason, Virgos try to be better than others, they are squeamish about dust and debris, and they keep their own homes in perfect condition.


For representatives of the air sign, the fear of loneliness is characteristic – it is this phobia that pushes for an early and reckless marriage. For fear of spending life without a couple, Libra often chooses an unworthy person as a partner. In marriage, the wards of Venus try to maintain harmony, in everything they concede to the second half, forgetting about their own preferences. Astrologers advise Libra to look for support in themselves, so as not to waste the best years in vain.


Representatives of the water sign are not afraid of anyone or anything, and phobias can be too exotic. In the list of original fears, the fear of clowns or a certain number is leading, which astrologers explain by the Scorpio’s penchant for mysticism. Secretive individuals often fear that their secrets may be made public, therefore, even close people are not told about their fears.

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The activity and ambition of the representatives of the fire sign does not allow them to sit still. Streltsov’s main fear concerns the restriction of freedom, so there are many claustrophobes among them. Jupiter’s wards are accustomed to going through life light, rarely commit themselves and do not tolerate outside control. Another phobia of Sagittarius is the fear of responsibility and making important decisions.


Thanks to pragmatism and dedication, the representatives of the earth sign stand firmly on their feet and do not believe idle fictions. The tendency to loneliness and isolation give rise to many fears, and the most common astrologers call the fear of a large crowd of people. For this reason, Capricorns rarely go to concerts and football matches, where the situation can get out of control in a matter of minutes.


Representatives of the air sign are not far from the Scorpios in terms of original phobias. In childhood, Aquarius is very susceptible to fear of school due to fear of ridicule. Then, in the life of the wards of Uranus, a stage begins when the attitude to work is formed at the level of ergophobia. Unwillingness to take responsibility is transformed into fear of marriage, but Aquarius prefer to hide all fears carefully.



The fears of representatives of the water sign go straight from childhood. Astrologers advise parents of little Pisces not to resort to cruelty in the upbringing process, so as not to form a fear of punishment. In adulthood, fears develop into serious mastigophobia, when the mere thought of the upcoming shake-up terrifies the wards of Neptune. Pisces are accustomed to living in comfort and harmony, so do not deprive them of their usual conditions.

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