History of the Green Bridge in St. Petersburg

When I was in 7th grade, my class and I went to St. Petersburg for an excursion. We traveled by train for almost 3 days from the Urals, and were a little worried in anticipation of a beautiful city. St. Petersburg really amazed us – but most of all I was shocked by the story that took place on Green Bridge

It was noon. The sun was high and sunbeams were jumping merrily on the Moika. A river tram was approaching us, in which people were laughing merrily. It was so joyful and solemn in my soul. And so, when the tram approached and began to pass under our feet, there was a hoarse whistle and I felt a quick hot kiss on my cheek.

It was the boy who always looked at me furtively at school. He was the last person to sign up for the excursion. And all the way on the train he was silent, and only once, passing along the corridor, he thrust a candy into my hand.

All the remaining days in the city I walked with cotton feet and practically did not hear the guide. When we left, he carried my heavy bag with things and gifts, and on March 8 at school he gave me his silver chain. After 7 years, he proposed to me, but I married someone else. But every time I come to St. Petersburg, I come to this bridge and remember this first innocent kiss.

The Green Bridge in St. Petersburg is a place of power and pride for many city residents. The city itself is famous for its colored bridges across the Neva and Moika, however, this architectural structure deserves a separate visit for all tourists.

The history of the bridge

green bridge

This is the first cast-iron bridge built in the glorious city of St. Petersburg. Its length is 30.7 meters, width is 39 meters. This building was erected in 1720, 17 years after the founding of the city itself.… Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the bridge was originally wooden, but it was painted green. This is a simple drawbridge, which was a border structure during the war between Russia and Sweden.

Also, this building temporarily changed its name during the second half of the 18th century. Then he was called “Policeman”, because next to it there was a special police department of the city. After the revolution, the bridge became “People’s”, and only in 1998 it was returned to its original name – Green.

green bridge 2

It has been repaired and decorated many times. So, in 1808, they decided to completely reconstruct it and turn it into cast iron. The bridge was also favored by merchants and artisans who sold their goods on it.

green bridge 3

The bridge was widened so that not only cars, but also trams could ride on it. A huge number of cultural traditions and historical realities are associated with it.

The green bridge runs across the famous river Washing… It would be wrong if we do not say a few words about her. Before the founding of St. Petersburg, it was a small, dirty river, muddy and narrow, and bore the Izhoro-Finnish name Muya, which was probably associated with the Finnish word “muyu” (ie, “mud”, “slush”). The clearing and improvement of this fetid swampy stream and its transformation into a deep river suitable for navigation began in 1704, by order of Peter I. In 1719-1797. the official name of the river was “Mya”, and later it became known as Moika.

Why is he so popular?

Its popularity is due to its cultural heritage and heritage. This bridge can rightfully be called unique, because it is the first cast-iron building in the city of St. Petersburg. It was reconstructed many times, but they managed to preserve the unique historical structure. Only the width and its appearance changed, but in general the structure is unchanged.

Tourists come to this bridge to look at the Moika River, as well as to feel the historical spirit of the city. The immutability of the design attracts tourists as well as many guides. Tours along the Green Bridge are held regularly.

Appearance at the moment

Until May 17, 2020, the bridge was under reconstruction. It was improved and it was the first serious and large-scale reconstruction solution in the 21st century. A laconic green fence has appeared. It separates the highway and sidewalk. The sidewalk widened. It can be freely cycled on it.

green bridge 4

It is from the water that you can fully view the bridge, its unique patterns and elements:

  • River trams run in the summer.
  • Excursions are organized for tourists and residents of the city.
  • However, you can even see the bridge from the road that crosses it.

Since the 20th century, the bridge has not changed its appearance. It only became wider, and the rest of its elements remained unchanged.

Where is it located?

Why is the Green Bridge so popular in St. Petersburg and why visiting it is included in the tourist route

The Green Bridge is located in the glorious city of St. Petersburg. It runs through the Moika and also connects two islands – Kazansky and Admiralteisky. Driving along the main thoroughfare of the city – Nevsky Prospect, a tourist is likely to see this architectural structure in front of him.

Some interesting facts

green bridge 5

The history of the bridge is great, which is why the guides tell interesting facts to everyone:

  • The bridge was considered the border of St. Petersburg until 1726. There was a checkpoint through it. To get into the city, you had to pay a tribute;
  • In 1905, it was the Green Bridge that gathered the army, which formed in order to stop the demonstrators;
  • The bridge was called “Narodny”, because merchants and artisans often traded on it.

If tourists do not know which place in St. Petersburg they are most likely to visit, then they should turn their attention to the Green Bridge. This is a cultural and urban heritage that has survived to this day, delighting tourists and local residents.

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