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Taiwan visa-freeThe island with an area of ​​slightly more than 36 thousand square meters is located in the Pacific Ocean, 150 km from the eastern part of mainland China. A mild tropical climate, an abundance of architectural monuments and affordable prices make this destination one of the most popular among tourists.

Until the end of July 2019, Russians are allowed to enter the territory of states without a visa.

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Organization of a tourist trip – preparation and flight to Taiwan

There are 3 international airports on the island. There is no direct flight from Russia to Taiwan, only with a transfer in Beijing.

Tourists are offered two options for air tickets, which differ in price and duration of the journey:

  1. First – the flight lasts 30 hours, but the cost of an air ticket for one person is about 30 thousand rubles.
  2. The second – the journey takes less time, about 12 hours, but the cost of the trip increases to 41 thousand rubles.

Taiwan landmarks

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Now with regard to accommodation. There are dozens of hotels on the island different levels of comfort… The best of them are located in the capital of Taiwan – Taipei. There is intense competition between the hotels, and the level of comfort in the hotel exceeds the declared number of stars. Almost every room includes a breakfast buffet and a number of additional services – room cleaning, dry cleaning, gym use, Wi-Fi. Designation of food in hotels of different comfort levels

The cost of living in hotels of different categories varies from 2000 to 4300 rubles per day.

By the way, Taiwan has its own currency – New Taiwan dollar (TWD)… Exchange rate against the ruble: 1: 2.17.

It is most profitable to change money at the bank, not at the airport. Branches work on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, on Saturday – until 14:00, Sunday is a day off.

You can pay with an international card in a hotel, restaurant, shopping center, but small shops, cafeterias, vendors in the market accept only national cash.

Where to go in Taiwan

A trip to Taiwan will be successful and safe if you follow the simple behavior rules… It is prohibited to bring into the territory of the island any elements of pornographic content, weapons, drugs, uncanned seafood, fresh fruit. Smoking in public places and photography in temples is prohibited.

In general, the state is safe for tourists. There are strict laws, for many crimes the death penalty is prescribed.

Best tourist season in Taiwan

There are two types of climate in Taiwan – tropical and subtropical

It is good to plan a beach vacation in the fall. The weather at this time is warm, but without heat. The air temperature during the day is +25, at night – 20 degrees above zero. The ideal month to visit is October. Dry, calm, low humidity. The rainy season has already come to an end, and you can safely enjoy your vacation.

The middle of autumn is also suitable for a rich excursion program. You can go on an educational journey in November. The earth is cooling down after the summer heat, it is comfortable to walk around the island. Little precipitation falls.

Resorts of Taiwan

Cities, attractions of the island of Taiwan

Taiwan is an island rich in beautiful places. Its main city is capital Taipei… It is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. The tourist infrastructure is highly developed. There are many hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment complexes in the capital.

Kaohsiung – the second largest city on the island, its “fashion capital”. Shopping centers, bars, nightclubs are concentrated here. There are many attractions in the vicinity of Kaohsiung, but the city is bustling and more suitable for young people.

Tourists with children and the older generation prefer the city Taichung… Here are the main shrines of the island, museums, reserves. People come here for a calm beach and contemplative vacation.

Rest in Taiwan

It is convenient to move around the city by bus… The cost of the ticket depends on the distance; it starts from 30 rubles.

For walks between cities, you can rent a carbut you need to be careful. There are very confusing roads here, traffic rules are often violated.

Car rental companies are located in major cities and airports.

Car rental cost economy class – 7 thousand rubles, standard model – 9 thousand, premium class will cost a tourist 17-18 thousand rubles per day.

Refueling also needs to be included in the expense item. Gasoline on the island costs 54 rubles per liter.

What to see in Taiwan

10 Taiwan attractions you need to see with your own eyes:

  1. Taipei 101 skyscraper… The name speaks for itself – it consists of 101 floors. They are equipped for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants. The total height of the building is 509 m. Built in the postmodern style. On the 89th floor, there is an observation deck with a magnificent view of Taipei. You will need to pay about 250 rubles for an entrance ticket.
  2. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial look in the center of the capital, on Freedom Square. It reaches a height of 70 m. The complex was built in honor of the former President Chiang Kai-shek in 1980. It consists of a square, a theater, a concert hall and a main building. Free admission.
  3. National Palace Museum in the capital of the island, it accommodated rare paintings, sculptures, books and antiques, a collection of jasper and jade – more than 700 exhibits in total. They are compactly located in several thematic rooms. The museum collection was formed over five centuries. For an adult entrance ticket, you need to pay about 700 rubles, for a child one – twice as cheap.
  4. Longshan Temple erected during the reign of the Qin dynasty in the middle of the 18th century. It is located in the capital of Taiwan. The name translates as “Dragon Mountain”. The temple includes three halls, the interior is dominated by Chinese motives: many columns, arches, walls are hand-painted. Free admission.
  5. Shilin Night Market in Taipei – a must visit. It covers the central streets of the city: Dadonglu, Xiaobeyjie, Wenlinlu. There are over 500 shops here. The market sells anything from small souvenirs to electrical appliances. There are fast food kiosks where you can refresh yourself.
  6. Presidential palace was founded in 1919. The building is located in the capital, exact address: No. 122 號, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. The architecture is an oriental baroque style. The attraction has 6 floors.
  7. Yangmingshan National Park located between the cities of Taipei and New Taipei. It is famous for its thousands of cherry blossom collection, waterfalls and volcanoes.
  8. Reserve Taroko… Its area is 920 square meters. Exact address: Taiwan, Zhongbu Cross-island Hwy, Xiulin Township, Hualien County. The main part of the territory is occupied by the Marble Gorge. According to reviews, the Nine Turns Tunnel and Wenshan Hot Springs deserve attention.
  9. Lake of the Sun and Moon near the town of Puli, which is 19 km from Taichung. It is surrounded by mountains. There are cycling and walking paths around, you can rent a boat or speedboat and admire the nature. Nearby are the most beautiful places – the Wenwu Temple, the Old Man Underwater Pavilion.
  10. Sacred Hall of Military and Literary Arts located 4 hours from the capital. The building was erected in honor of the worship of the god of war Guan Gong. On the ground floor there is a memorial and altars. The second is the Confucius Hall. The third floor is a copy of the private quarters of the Jade Emperor Yu-Di. A very beautiful room, with frescoes on the wall, figures of dragons on the ceiling and an altar adorned with precious stones.

Visa-free Taiwan

Popular resorts in Taiwan

On the island, besides the capital, 4 more resorts are in demand.

  1. Alishan mountain resort suitable for recovery, treatment and relaxation. Here tourists visit lakes, waterfalls, nature reserves. For a comfortable stay at the resort there are all conditions: hotels, restaurants, shops. Prices are above average.
  2. Hualien Is a small town in the eastern part of Taiwan. The perfect place for a great beach holiday! The resort’s beaches are sandy with clear azure waters. The entrance to the water is smooth. Infrastructure is developed on the coasts, beach equipment rentals are available.
  3. Tainan – another resort, the recognized religious center of the island. There are dozens of temples collected here. A great place to explore cultural Taiwan.
  4. Fulong Resort located in the north of the state. It is good to come here from November to May. The air and water temperature does not drop below 25C, it rarely rains. Fulong has a three-kilometer sandy coastline. There are dozens of hotels and cafes along it.

Taiwan is a suitable destination for a variety of vacations. Couples with children and the older generation come to the southwest, and active young people to the north. The east coast is great for snorkeling.

A small island in the Pacific Ocean always welcomes guests!

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