Hollywood makeup at home – step by step instructions

Hollywood makeupEvery year carpet runners show us different images of stars, on which top make-up artists and stylists work. At one time, it was Hollywood that gave women an interesting make-up named after him. This makeup will beautify every girl, make her look feminine and luxurious.

What is Hollywood makeup?

A classic make-up of this kind, as a rule, includes several main points:

  1. Arrows.
  2. The presence of shining shadows in eye makeup.
  3. Red lips.

Each of these points is performed taking into account the woman’s facial features and her color type:

  • Arrows can change their length, thickness and slightly – the shape of the tip.
  • Shining light shadows can be either pearl or golden hue. The intensity of dark shadows – for example, in the corner of the eye, or along the contour of the lower eyelid – can also vary.
  • And the red lipstick is selected in accordance with the color type: from coral red to deep burgundy shade. In terms of texture, it can be either glossy or matte, this is not important.

Let’s analyze the step-by-step implementation of this makeup, taking into account the features encountered at each stage.

Working out the skin in Hollywood makeup

Since Hollywood makeup implies the use of red lipstick, it is necessary to work out the skin very carefully, and hide all redness as much as possible. If this is not done, red lipstick will intensify the color of all inflammations on the face, which will look painful and not at all festive.

Apply a makeup base

Prepare your skin for makeup:

  • Wash your face, apply toner and moisturizer, let it absorb.
  • After that, you can apply a thin layer of green makeup base to the places of redness on the face – for example, if you have rosacea.
  • The foundation itself, applied over a moisturizer or base, should be firm and firm.
  • After that, dark circles under the eyes are masked with a concealer and spot-corrected for the remaining visible redness.
  • Then the face is powdered, dry face correction is performed with the help of a sculptor.
  • A highlighter is applied to the cheekbones.

Eye and eyebrow makeup in Hollywood actresses

As mentioned above, you need to use shimmery shadows. However, if applied by themselves, it will look strange.

Hollywood eye makeup

Therefore, make a classic shadow drawing on the eyelid:

  • With light shadows – the entire upper eyelid, the transitional gray-brown color – in the fold and on the lower eyelid, and put the darkest color in the outer corner of the eye and blend into the fold. If you want, you can make the darkening more intense – for example, add it to the lower eyelid.
  • And only then on top for the first two-thirds of the eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eyes, put shining shadows. For fair-haired girls with blue or gray eyes, it is better to use pearl shades of such shadows. Otherwise, golden tones will also look beautiful.
  • Next, an arrow is drawn. It should be done with black eyeliner. The arrow can be either wide or light, the length can also be adjusted. The main thing is that it should be clear and graphic.
  • False eyelashes add even more charm to Hollywood makeup. I recommend glueing bunched eyelashes. Paint over with ink on top.
  • As for the eyebrows, I do not recommend adding bright eyebrows to this look, as it is very contrasting and includes both bright eyes and bright lips. Therefore, paint your eyebrows as naturally as possible, style with gel. The only thing you can do is to make the tips of the eyebrows graphic.
  • Apply some highlighter under the brow.

Hollywood lip makeup

Finally, red lipstick completes the look beautifully:

Ombre effect on lips

  • In order for it to last all day, it is imperative to draw a contour with a lip pencil. It can be either red or natural. Its main task is to make sure that the lipstick does not protrude beyond the contour, since it is the red shades that are quite insidious in this regard. Draw the contour of the lips, shade the lips with a pencil, apply lipstick.
  • When using matte lipstick, try a subtle ombre effect: apply a lighter red shade to the center of the lips and apply a darker shade to the rest of the lip. Feather the border of the color transition.

During the event don’t forget to touch up your lipstick in time, as red lipstick can be quite capricious to wear.

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