Horoscopes: Cancer zodiac sign

The zodiac sign Cancer

What are the characteristics of cancer?

Cancers are considered to be particularly sensitive and changeable contemporaries. At first glance, they often appear cool and distant, but behind the hard shell there is a soft core. Cancers like to observe what is happening from afar before they get involved with others. But if they gave away their hearts, then 100 percent. Family and relationships come first for Cancerians. The same applies to friendships, in which Cancers are absolutely loyal. When others need their help, they are always there to help – but they expect the same from their friends in return.

Strengths and weaknesses

The sensitive water sign takes care of those around them with full devotion, but can also become very clingy and possessive in relationships that are important to them. Because he would prefer to protect his loved ones from supposed dangers and pitfalls in life. Cancers therefore always have good advice for others and they tend to worry a lot. They take criticism very seriously and brood over it for a long time, and they can also be very moody. In relationships, they need a lot of time to fully engage with a partner. Once that has happened, he goes through thick and thin with his loved one. This also applies to friendships: crabs are the kind of friends you can steal horses with! He enriches discussions with his sparkling charm and wit.

Strengthen: sensitive, emotional, family-oriented, strong-willed, consistent, humorous, sensitive, helpful, loyal and humble

Weaknesses: moody, irritable, jealous, possessive, shy, lazy, resentful and anxious

The Zodiac in Love

Cancers are looking for great love and once they have found it, they want to hold on to it forever. They are then very clingy, sometimes possessive – a potential partner has to be able to deal with that and not feel restricted too quickly. Cancers are rarely interested in superficial relationships or one night stands. They can only live out their passion uninhibitedly when they feel safe and secure. It takes them some time to do this, but once they open up, they are devoted lovers, great listeners, and can fully engage with their partner. They are not afraid of big feelings and relationships of Cancer are usually long-lasting, separations rarely come from him. If they are left by their partner, they often quickly look for a new relationship. Cancers just don’t like being alone.

Which zodiac sign is compatible with Cancer?

Cancer and Capricorn make a good team provided they let themselves be who they are and don’t try to change the other. Scorpio is also a good match for Cancer, because its dominance challenges it, even in matters of love. Things are also going well with Pisces, here Cancer can fully embrace its caring role and Cancers are also emotionally on the same wavelength as Virgos. A long partnership is guaranteed here. Cancer and Cancer can also be happy together, Gemini or the stubborn and freedom-loving Aquarius are less fortunate. Complications are also inevitable with Libras and Sagittarius.

The zodiac sign at work

Cancers love to take care of other people, instinctively feel where they are needed and can empathize with others very well. This predestines them for social professions, for example working with children or in care work. But many crabs can also be found in gastronomy and the hotel industry. Since they find it difficult to deal with criticism and are very sensitive, Cancers often have difficulties asserting themselves in the job. They avoid competition and confrontation and want to be able to feel comfortable at work – a good working atmosphere is extremely important to them. They are usually particularly popular with their colleagues. No wonder, the caring Cancer always thinks of others and he likes to surprise his colleagues with homemade cakes.

These zodiac signs work perfectly together

Due to its emotional nature, Cancer is a popular conversation partner. When attacking, however, it is sometimes difficult for him to counterattack. A fiery, career-driven Aries in the same office? It’s too tiring and messy for him.

Famous crabs

Angela Merkel

Meryl Streep

tom hanks

Frida Kahlo

Günther Jauch

Ernesto Hemingway

Ingeborg Bachmann

Franz Kafka

Hermann Hesse

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