House cleaning rules for the Vastu system

Larisa Skorokhodova, expert on the teachings of Vastu, founder of an international school, author of trainings and master classes on Vastu.

House cleaning rules according to the Vastu system, which will help to find well-being

Home can be our helper and ally. When positive energy reigns in him, he improves and blesses life. The ancient science of harmonizing space Vastu, which means “a good place to live” in Sanskrit, helps to make housing a place of power that attracts joyful events.

There are several basic rules of Vastu science that will change your life for the better.

1. Change the attitude towards your home

A house is a living organism, a micro-universe that is a reflection of your inner world. Even if you live in a rented apartment and you are not satisfied with everything in it, look at this space in a new way. Show care and love, and you will see that the house will reciprocate you.

This is the basic rule of Vastu – space works for you when you work with space.

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2. Understand how the body of your home works

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He is a kind of buffer between you and the planets. If you harmonize living space with the help of Vastu, it will help soften the influence of the planets on your life. After all, the main task of this science is precisely to make a person’s life positive and favorable.

Therefore, the sooner you start using Vasta, the sooner changes for the better will begin to occur.

3. Clean up the space at home

The abundance of old, unnecessary, broken objects enhances the negative energy of Saturn. This harsh planet brings difficulties, troubles, trials, creates a slowdown in all spheres of life.

To bring new positive experiences into life, get rid of old things so that negative energies do not accumulate in your home. After global decluttering, do the cleaning according to Vastu – a special practice of cleansing with the help of the five great primary elements, which will remove all the accumulated negativity:

  • Water and Earth. Clean the floor, paying attention to all hard-to-reach areas and the farthest corners. To do this, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil or a few tablespoons of salt to the water.
  • Fire. Light a candle (not red) and walk around the apartment clockwise, starting from the front door.
  • Air and Space. Open all windows and doors, cabinet doors, pull out drawers. Allow a draft to freshen up the space.

According to Vastu and bioenergy, the aura in the house is considered favorable if only 30-40% of the space is occupied. Otherwise, life energy is difficult to circulate and renew. As a result, there is no development and growth in all significant areas.

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4. Fill your home with positive energies

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On a physical level, add the objects and atmosphere of the life you are striving for. On a thin one – fill the house with pleasant sounds and aromas, prepare tasty and healthy food. You will feel how your microcosm is filled with joy and light.

5. Observe your sleep schedule

Pay attention to which side of the world the head of the bed is facing. It is unfavorable to sleep with your head to the north, the best location is to the south or east. This will fill you with positive energy and feel energized.

6. Maintain water balance at home

The weakened element of water in the living space makes it difficult to establish harmonious relationships with others, including the other half. Put a fountain or a container of water in the northern part of the room, and next to it, put 250 g of pearls and 35 g of silver.

7. Distribute the weight of furniture and heavy objects

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Arrange them so that the maximum weight is in the south, west, southwest and southeast. The zones of the north, east and north-west, if possible, vacate and leave as free as possible.

8. Recover the breath of your home

Right-sided breathing is a flow of prana, life-giving energy that comes from the east. Left side – organic energy coming from the north.

If there are no windows or an entrance door in these zones, the flows are blocked, positive energy does not flow. To open them, hang large mirrors in these sectors. These are the simplest steps to help harmonize energies and create the perfect space for life.

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