How and with what to wear ankle boots – types of women’s ankle boots and stylish combinations

Ankle boots are fashionable shoes, similar to cropped ankle boots. Many fashionistas already have several pairs of ankle boots in their wardrobe, as these are versatile shoes, and you can safely wear them both to work and on dates. So what should you choose ankle boots, and how to wear them correctly?

ankle boots

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Types of women’s ankle boots – how to properly wear wedge ankle boots, heels, platform, open toe ankle boots

There are a huge number of types of women’s ankle boots, but you need to know one main rule – ankle boots should not completely cover the ankle, as this visually shortens the legs. Let’s take a look at the main types of women’s ankle boots.

  • Wedge ankle boots. This type of footwear is especially popular with girls, as it allows you to feel confident. The wedge heel combines both the sole and the heel, so women can be “at their best” at the moment when their legs do not get tired of the constant wearing of heels. Wedge ankle boots give their wearer a light gait and a slender silhouette, and if you choose the right clothes for these ankle boots, you can change the whole image in a matter of minutes.

Wedge ankle bootsWedge ankle boots

  • Ankle boots with thick heels. This shoe can be considered as classic and versatile as the little black dress. Ankle boots of this type tightly fit the ankle, due to which they look very feminine and visually make the legs more slender. However, these shoes cannot be worn with all the things in the girl’s wardrobe. You should never wear this type of ankle boots with long dresses – this will make the image heavier, and in this case the leg will look massive. In other cases, there are no restrictions – you can wear thick-heeled ankle boots with shorts, skinny jeans, short dresses and even mini-skirts.

Ankle boots with thick heels

  • Ankle boots with stiletto heels. If you want to buy shoes that will never go out of fashion, then you can safely go to the store and buy stiletto ankle boots. This type of footwear looks very elegant, catchy and impressive, which makes its owner more elegant. When choosing stiletto ankle boots, you should pay attention that if the heel height is higher than 10 cm, then you should buy a pair one size larger than your leg – this way you will avoid discomfort when walking, and your gait will remain light throughout the day. Ankle boots with stiletto heels can be worn with absolutely all things, but you should not wear classic trousers, as this will weigh the lower body.

Stiletto ankle boots

  • Platform ankle boots. This type of shoe lengthens the legs, but if the upper is incorrectly selected, the shoe will look bulky. The most successful option for platform ankle boots is short shorts or a skirt.

Platform ankle boots

  • Open toe ankle boots. This is the most controversial option for ankle boots, as many fashion designers are afraid to make such extravagant models. However, as practice shows, this type of ankle boots is bought most often in the summer, when girls want to put on beautiful shoes, but the summer heat does not allow them to put on closed shoes. Ankle boots with an open toe are perfect even for dresses of medium length, as they do not visually weigh down the leg. But do not wear classic trousers with this summer version of ankle boots – it will be inappropriate.

Open toe ankle boots

What to wear with closed and open ankle boots – stylish combinations of ankle boots in the wardrobe of women.

The overwhelming majority of girls think that ankle boots are a type of boots and should not be worn in the summer. But it is worth saying that just in the summer it becomes possible to combine clothes with ankle boots as you like. We have compiled for you the most winning combinations of ankle boots with clothes that can be found in every girl’s wardrobe.

  • Ankle boots with shorts. This is probably the most popular combination found on the streets around the world. Most often, girls wear short denim shorts, wedge ankle boots or stiletto heels, and then dilute this image with a T-shirt to match the ankle boots. It looks very stylish, but the image is not overloaded.

Ankle boots with shorts Ankle boots with shorts

  • Ankle boots with a skirt. A chic option for girls who spend most of their time at work. A pair of black suede stiletto heel ankle boots or a pair of chunky heels will be a stylish accompaniment to a slim pencil skirt. And if you put on an airy skirt, a classic blouse and wedge ankle boots, this will add romance to the image.

Ankle boots with a skirt Ankle boots with a skirt Ankle boots with a skirt

  • Ankle boots with jeans. This image can already be called a classic, since ankle boots are simply created for tight jeans – the legs immediately look slimmer, and the figure is tightened. Many fashion designers use this combination in their shows, because it is always stylish and solid. The most important condition is that jeans should be low-waisted so as not to overload the lower body. This look can be complemented with a stylish jacket, and in the cold season, a trench coat will be appropriate here.

Ankle boots with jeans Ankle boots with jeans

  • Ankle boots with a dress. Many people believe that such heavy shoes as ankle boots should not be worn with a dress. However, it is this option that adds sophistication and elegance to the image. A bright dress and solid-colored ankle boots will always look advantageous on a female figure. But you need to remember that the lower the heel of the ankle boots, the shorter the dress should be.

Ankle boots with dress Ankle boots with dress

  • Ankle boots with a leather jacket. This combination will be in fashion for a long time – it is stylish and practical for autumn and spring. If you are a fan of leather biker jackets, then leather platform or wedge ankle boots will be the best option for you. However, it is worth remembering that if a leather jacket can be combined with a long dress, then it is absolutely impossible to do this with ankle boots – the image will be too bulky and incomprehensible. The best option would be a light dress or jeans / leggings that accentuate your curves.

ukE04_f Ankle boots with leather jacket

  • Ankle boots with a jacket. This classic look can “wander” from the office to a date in a restaurant, because you just need to change your blouse to a smart top and add some accessories, and your look will change. In this case, you can wear both skirts and short shorts with a jacket – in any case, it will look appropriate if you have ankle boots on your feet. Beauty bloggers advise to experiment and wear open-toed ankle boots and skinny jeans – this option goes well with bright jackets.

Ankle boots with a jacket Ankle boots with a jacket

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