How and with what to wear fashionable women’s parkas 2019-2020?

Colds, as usual, come unexpectedly. A warm and stylish parka will help you meet them on a positive note. As legendary Gianni Versace once noted, fashion does not stand still. Therefore, you must always determine its direction in time. This simple law also applies to the choice of outerwear. To find out which course she has taken this winter, it is better to turn to well-known winter jacket manufacturers.

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Moncler and Rolf Schulte bet on fur

Famous brands opened the fashion season 2019/2020 with elegant models with luxurious fur inserts. The chic arctic fox serves not only as the edging of the hood, but also effectively decorates the cuffs. The designers of the German brand Rolf Schulte have made the inner lining of the parka entirely from animal hair. Bulky fur exquisitely decorates the fastener of the product.

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It is worth paying attention to the style of the jacket:

  • length – above the knee;
  • gathered waist in an hourglass silhouette;
  • internal pockets with massive flaps;
  • cut in the form of a cocoon or trapezoid.

Important! Most of the styles are made in a classic style, with a flat hem. Still, some models are made with a diamond-shaped bottom.

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The Moncler collection has a number of significant differences. The couturier decided to separate the board separately, making it in the form of a wide strip. They used large retro-style buttons as decoration.

The designers have completely modernized another model:

  • added volume to the sleeves;
  • a yoke was elegantly highlighted on the shelf;
  • the pocket flaps were positioned almost vertically;
  • ruffles were made on the belt.

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Thanks to such tricks of the sewing business, Moncler couturiers fit into the fashionable norms of the upcoming season. The products were made within the framework of layering and volumetricness. However, special attention should be paid to the colors of the parka.

In 2020, the Pantone Institute decided to bet on the following shades:

  • hot red (chili pepper);
  • deep brown;
  • orange-yellow (Cheder cheese);
  • deep pink;
  • dark green (like the garden of Eden);
  • juicy burgundy with a warm undertone;
  • deep blue (space);
  • gray-blue.

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The proposed colors will spread quickly among fashionistas like a virus. They will look dignified when paired with neutral color schemes as well as pastel tones.

Exclusive from Canada Goose and Stella McCartney

Canadian and British brands are another trendsetter in this area. Outerwear from these manufacturers is especially popular among young people.

Stella McCartney

In the new winter collection of companies there are several extraordinary styles of parkas:

  • Eden trapezoidal model;
  • with 4 large patch pockets;
  • classic cut in the color of the night sky;
  • quilted in pink from Stella McCartney.

Important! Canada Goose Military Park takes the lead in the fashion race. The slightly casual look matches the protective color of the product and the elegant pockets.

Canada goose
On the fashion pedestal, the designers of Canada Goose have put a chic parka in a dark green shade. The flared hem blends in perfectly with raised pockets. The oversized flaps of the pockets make the silhouette of the girl amazingly slim. Nevertheless, it is important to know how and with what it is appropriate to wear an extra-fashionable parka this winter.

Fashionable bow or how to hit the target?

A hat and a scarf occupy a special place in the winter outfit of fashionistas. Image makers advise accessories to match parkas or neutral shades.

Trendy bow in the park

This season, original fashionable combinations will be appropriate:

  • deep burgundy with beige, charcoal or caramel;
  • brown in company with yellow, almond or milk chocolate;
  • gray-blue with olive, blue and ash;
  • light gray in tandem with milk, graphite, almond, coffee or powdery.

Important! Chanel and Dior have focused on hats in their collections. Therefore, you should not exclude them from your wardrobe when it comes to what to wear with a parka.

Fashionable bow in the park1

To stay in trend, the winter look should be given multi-layering and volume. Scarves with a large knit or clamps will help to bring a similar effect to life. At fashion shows, designers have demonstrated fashionable styles of hats that will become the best friends of stylish parkas.

For them, fashion designers have selected amazing models of knitted products with:

  • lapel;
  • embroidery;
  • brooches;
  • inscriptions;
  • balabon;
  • prints.

Important! The ushanka hat returns to the fashion arena. In the Odriby Yana collection, these pieces have become the focus of many ensembles. At the same time, everyone’s favorite Timberland boots are ideal for the park.

Fashionable bow in the park2

The accent this season was made by the fashion meters on capes. Sporty styles with large visors were distinguished by a laconic cut and calm colors. Therefore, they can be safely included in any total bow. The Lacosta brand has supported the fashion challenge of world couturiers. However, Lacoste’s hats were more like jockeys than ordinary caps. Such products are ideal for stylish outerwear.

Fashionable bow in the park3

Important! A classic French beret can soften the look with a parka. The main thing here is to choose the right shade. Armani’s designers have used a combination of timeless classics: black paired with red.

Fashionable bow in the park4

In such an outfit, fashionistas will be able to conquer the hearts of men even in inclement weather. Still, do not forget what the talented Christian Dior said. Beauty without originality is not pleasing to the eye. In this regard, it is important to always remain individual.

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