How and with what to wear plain badlons?

Fashionistas of St. Petersburg call ordinary turtlenecks badlones, which allows these girls to be awarded the title of trendsetters in the fashion industry. As shown by fashion weeks in Europe and America, these modest things will be in trend in the fall of 2019. One-color badlons can be called generalists of women’s wardrobe. They are suitable for all styles and colors of clothing.

Since this year the monochrome style is on the crest of the fashionable wave, it is easy to create a charming look from monophonic turtlenecks both for the office and for a date.

Solid badlons

Black badlons in the studio!

The Swiss luxury clothing brand Akris has offered an original combination of milky and black colors. European designers successfully combine a graphite-colored badlon with a pink-beige skirt. An extravagant haute couture suit shows that both light and dark jackets are suitable for such a tandem.

Solid badlons1

British fashion designer Marta Jakubowski presented a black turtleneck to the public with:

  • fancy jacket;
  • long skirt with a deep slit;
  • glamorous ankle boots.

Important! Everyone was surprised by Richard Quinn, who presented his fluffy dresses with a floral print in tandem with a latex turtleneck. It is noteworthy that glossy badlons are ideal for bustier styles and dresses with a deep neckline.

Solid badlons2

The next outfit comrades were presented by Victoria Beckham. The designer tucked a tight turtleneck into a skirt with a V-shaped belt. The slightly flared hem of the product, as well as the diamond-shaped floor, gave the image an oriental charm. Badlon from “AWEKE mode” looked unusual paired with leather trousers. The high waist of the product and the wide belt served as the apogee of the bow.

Solid badlons3

Important! At the same time, Roberto Cavali allowed Bella Hadid to showcase a black turtleneck with chic decor paired with leggings and over the knee boots.

We meet autumn in colorful badlones

The Akris brand from Switzerland has introduced many bright colors into its collections. The juicy shade of English Cheder cheese inspired the European fashion designer to create a monochrome style in yellow and orange tones. This fiery palette will be trending this fall.

Solid badlons4

Turtlenecks in a similar design look great with:

  • palazzo trousers;
  • maxi raincoats;
  • mustard coats;
  • golden skirts.

Solid badlons5

Important! The brand with a worldwide reputation decided to lead the audience. In his collections there were badlons in rich shades: blue, yellow and azure. Oversized jackets, which were a tone darker than turtlenecks, made the style monochromatic.

Victoria Beckham took over the autumn extravaganza. She dressed her models in formal suits with a checkered print, as well as in massive double-breasted coats. In addition to yellow and orange shoes, sky blue and peach badlons created the weather in the image.
Solid badlons6

The era of elegance and officialdom

Max Mara designers offer fashionistas luxurious combinations of plain turtlenecks and knitted jumpers. The couturier is recommended to complement the picture with a cardigan and palazzo trousers. The main actor of the outfit is color.

The couturier is advised to choose from 3 shades:

  • Ivory;
  • vanilla ice;
  • marshmallow.

Solid badlons7

The caramel poncho, which is leading this season, was complemented by the couturier with an ocher-colored badlon. They picked up the glossy boots a little darker to emphasize the slenderness of the model’s legs. The image turned out to be stunning. The theme of elegance was taken up by the Akris brand. Their outfits with monophonic turtlenecks turned out to be quite impressive and charming.

The designers have successfully combined sepia and khaki badlons with:

Solid badlons8

The famous couturier from London David Coma presented his collection in an extravagant military style. The blend-de-blanc turtleneck worked wonderfully in tandem with the midi skirt. A deep cut, decorated with zippers, compensate for the lack of piquancy in the image.

In another case, David focused on a luxurious skirt lined with shiny plates. The black turtleneck was the perfect complement to the statement piece. However, even in this case, a talented Georgian made a seductive neckline and an unusual cut on a black badlon.
Solid badlons10

With such With a set of proposals, women of fashion can safely take out their turtlenecks. Unusual combinations of a monochromatic badlon with all wardrobe elements will be a successful start to the autumn season.

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