How can a girl respond to rudeness with humor?

How to respond to rudenessUnfortunately, in everyday life you can often encounter rudeness, which upsets, outrages and can even worsen your health (after all, enduring undeserved humiliation and insults sometimes from complete strangers is harmful to health). The stress received from such aggressive attacks accumulates and subsequently can lead to a nervous breakdown or even to a decrease in the body’s resistance to diseases.

Psychologically, constant attempts to leave negative statements, lies and rude actions unanswered can lead sensitive natures to a decrease in self-esteem and even the formation of complexes.

To endure, not to endure and what is the fault of the rain?

It is possible to follow the most common advice and simply ignore rudeness only when the rude person is clearly inadequate and (or) contact with him is completely random, short-term.

In this case, it is worth mentally transferring such an “object” to the list of “adverse natural phenomena” and safely throw the offense out of your head (after all, there is no point in taking offense at frost, thunderstorm or downpour!).

But, unfortunately, there are people for whom rude behavior has become a way to clear their living space by infringing on the moral rights of their own kind and has become a habit.

Those who consider rudeness to be the best way to win a conflict or “throw negative” on others should fight back, because they do not observe even the unwritten norms of society and, indulging them, turn life into a nightmare for a short time.

Fight back a boor

Inhale, exhale … How to win in a conflict and maintain harmony

To win a moral victory in a situation, it is worth, firstly, not to give in to emotions. To do this, it will not be superfluous to inhale and exhale, mentally counting to 8 (but not too slowly, otherwise you can forget why it all began).

The next step is to look at the situation from the outside and calmly but firmly express your opinion (preferably with an ironic smile), thereby showing that the conflict does not hurt a living. At the same time, you should not be rude in response (which will only exacerbate the conflict).

To summarize your “performance” is worth a bold point, saying that “that’s all.” But then there is no point in arguing with the boor, and he can already be safely ignored.

Useful words and phrases (under the record)

Being in a stressful situation (and the conflict definitely introduces into it) it is quite difficult to come up with a witty answer. Therefore, you can use a number of phrases that sound neutral, but can turn the conversation into a humorous channel and reduce its importance.

Many said that being rude to me is a bad omen!

You know, I have an inborn allergy to rudeness. Move away, please, I’m going to sneeze!

How to respond to rudeness is available

I understand you: whoever is rich in what wants to share that.

Where you find such interesting words, you must write them down!

Such a polite person will definitely not be left without a reward.

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