How classical music affects child development

Singer NATALIYA told how classical music contributes to the development of a child.

How classical music affects the development of a child before and after birth

Each mother cares about the future of her child, therefore, from his very birth, she tries to do everything so that he grows up and develops healthy and smart.

Very often we hear that classical music is useful for the development of a baby, and mothers begin to listen to it even during pregnancy. And there are reasons for this.

Influence of classical music on baby development during pregnancy

Children, like a sponge, absorb the surrounding information from the earliest stages of development. And classical music has a tremendous influence on them, namely, on the sensory-emotional part of the psyche, as well as on the general development of the intellect.

Classical music contributes to a more intensive formation and development of consciousness. It is not for nothing that music therapy is recommended even at the stage of a child’s development in the womb.

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It is believed that the classics have a calming effect on a pregnant woman, she becomes more balanced, and the tendency to postpartum depression is minimized. And the condition of the baby, in turn, directly depends on the condition of the mother.

Moreover, at about 16-18 weeks, the baby begins to hear a variety of sounds. In the future, his reactions to voices and other noises begin to be traced.

That is why it is necessary to talk with children and listen to music with them. In the future, this will help him to quickly master the skills of speaking and reading.

How classical music affects a baby after birth

But the beneficial effect of music on the development of a child does not end with his birth. Listening to classical music has been shown to help toddlers and preschoolers in the following ways:

  • Memory development. Children memorize melodies and lyrics and then try to reproduce them.
  • Development of speech skills. Singing, talking, reproduction of any sounds and melodies contribute to the development of articulation and clear speech.
  • Psychological development. As already mentioned, calm melodies have a beneficial effect on the body, have a relaxing effect on hyperactive babies.
How classical music affects the development of a child before and after birth
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While dynamic music will invigorate. This phenomenon applies to both kids and adults, which is why people often train with dynamic or even heavy music.

  • Development of creativity. Music promotes the development of imagination and spatial thinking. A frequent practice, when parents conduct music lessons with their children and try to instill a musical culture, select works by age so that the child is understandable and interesting.

Very often they start with musical fairy tales: they take an illustrated book and put on a musical performance. Children are happy to match the music with pictures from the book, and you will be surprised at how accurately.

How to choose the right genre

True, not all adults are distinguished by their love of classical music, in which case either very famous works of composers: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and covers of a symphony orchestra on your favorite songs may suit you.

Just do not include too noisy and loud music, aggressive and heavy, and, on the contrary, protracted and slow compositions. This can either scare or bore the child.

Music should be appropriate for the atmosphere and the type of activity. If you are playing with a toddler, something dynamic and invigorating will do; if you are eating or getting ready for bed, something gentle and soothing.

How classical music affects the development of a child before and after birth
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Play music at a medium volume, children’s hearing is very susceptible to noise, and it is also better to refuse headphones, for the same reason, in addition, this can negatively affect the nervous system, and also be stressful, since the baby will no longer hear you.

Your playlist should contain various versions of songs and compositions, observe the child’s reaction to certain melodies and songs, make your own selection.

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