How did the 13-year-old daughter of Glucose surprise the fans?

Once the singer Glucose hid behind an animated character, and now her eldest daughter has followed in her footsteps: 13-year-old Lida hid behind the appearance of a cartoon girl for two years, using the pseudonym Lidus. The young talent released songs and videos without revealing her real identity. Why?

What is a fictional character for?

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Glucose admits that they wanted to protect their daughter from negativity and prejudice of people with the help of a fictional character. The girl became convinced of the need for this after an incident on the project “Voice. Children “: a year ago there was a big conflict with the daughter of the artist Alsu Mikella Abramova. The girl won the project, but a wave of negativity fell upon her: due to the conflicting voting results, viewers believed that her star mother bought votes for the triumph of her daughter. The girls are still constantly reminded of that incident, even though Mikella donated the million rubles won in the show to a charitable foundation.

“After the events at Golos, I realized that it is difficult for the children of artists to recommend themselves. It seems that all around there is cronyism and mom and dad have decided everything, ”explained Glucose.

“Forward, beloved #PETARDA”

Lidus decided to reveal her identity only after she found an audience on her own – her most popular video, released a few months ago, gained more than 2.6 million views.

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The statement was made by her star mom in her Instagram account. She posted a touching message to her fans and Lydia, posting an excerpt from one of her daughter’s videos.

“Today is an important day for our family, we have been preparing for a long time.
My husband and I never thought that our eldest daughter would want to make music!
But she was born with great talent, a very deep girl.
Since childhood, she has been singing, playing instruments, composing music and songs.
Today the premiere of her song “Petard” took place, where we opened Lydia’s face! She already has strong fan support. Not an army yet, but they can definitely stand up for it!
As a mother, I really wanted to avoid comparison, I want Lida to be perceived as a separate person. And believe me, the way it is! We are very different, but real friends.
Drawn clips helped us save her from criticism and comparisons, today we see that Lida is ready for this path.
Please welcome her warmly. It’s an amazing way to be in music and create it for people.
Go ahead, beloved #PETARDA, you know, we are always there! “.

What will Lida connect her life with: singing or neurosurgery?


Lida recorded her debut song “Perovo” at the age of 11, and no one could believe that a child was singing the track. During this time, the girl really plunged into singing, regularly taking vocals with teachers and complicating her compositions. Now the aspiring artist is not planning to stop, making plans for a future career and collaborating with producer Denis Kovalsky.

“Denis Kovalsky works with her. I completely trust him. But the daughter is very independent, a real rebel by nature and makes decisions herself. She plays the piano, guitar, goes to school, which gives her musical education too. I cannot say that I am sure that Lida will continue to build her singing career. We do not know what awaits us tomorrow. Recently, for example, she decided that she still likes the profession of a neurosurgeon, ”concluded Glucose.

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