How different zodiac signs react to an ex’s return

Your once loved one suddenly reappears on the horizon – and how, one wonders, to react to this? Become friendly or uncompromisingly kick him out?

Just imagine this situation a few months after the relationship ends, or even a few years later?

Astrology can describe and explain the reaction of all twelve zodiacal signs, when from somewhere out of nothingness, past love suddenly arises.

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The appearance of a former partner is absolutely unacceptable for you. And it doesn’t matter how your relationship ended, because if it ended, then the two of you no longer need and have nothing to talk about. And if he insists, you can even react very rudely and shamelessly, right?

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When old love reappears in your life, you don’t know how to respond. Perhaps the ex-partner made you suffer, blamed you for all your sins, or tried to change and adjust to himself. Now you just find it odd that he had the guts to write to you. However, you are a little curious about what he needs this time.

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The appearance of a person from the past makes you laugh. You are not at all surprised, because in most cases it was not your partner who left, but you. However, since you don’t know how to deal with this unexpected situation, you send him funny emoticons or write non-binding, neutral messages.


You knew that sooner or later your ex would return to your life. Why? Because you dreamed about the restoration of justice and about his repentance. You wanted him to understand how wrong he was. You also suspect that, before knocking on you again, he found out everything about your current life in advance. All you want now is to remind him of his past mistakes.

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If a person had the audacity to leave you and abandon a star like you, then he should stay away from you, because you do not forgive anyone and do not forget. By the way, it is difficult for the ex-chosen one to contact you, since you have long blocked him on all social networks and on your phone. He doesn’t deserve your precious attention.


You are not a particularly good-natured person, and if the ex reappears in your life, give him a detailed list of all his shortcomings and unseemly actions both in relation to you and to your environment. If he admits his mistakes, you will give him the chance to communicate with you in a discreet and short time.


You are an open and sociable person and, if an old love wants to return to your life, do not show negativity and choose friendly relations, although you still do not trust this person too much. And if you are free, you can even take the risk and enter the same river a second time.

How different zodiac signs react to the return of a former partner
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All your exes are well aware that they will never get rid of the memories of you for the rest of their lives. You will actively or passively take revenge on them for all your grievances. Therefore, if an ex-partner appears on your horizon, it means that he is either ready to repent, or he is so short-sighted that he did not understand anything about you.


You are a completely unforgettable person. If old love returns to you, you treat this person very friendly, communicate nicely with him and talk about your life, but hint that there can be no question of rapprochement. You are sure that no spark will run between you.

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Your reaction is complete indifference. After all, when you were together, you didn’t really show your emotions and feelings, and now even more so. Your detachment and coldness will finally push this person away from you, even if, deep down, you want him to return.

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You do not find anything strange in the fact that old love writes to you or somehow appears in your life, because in most cases it never went away, and friendship remained between you. You communicate peacefully and support each other. You may even get back together again under favorable circumstances.


The very idea that an ex-partner might reappear in your life makes you worry and worry. You are an extremely sensitive and receptive person, emotionally attached to past love. Moreover, you constantly hope that the ex will understand everything, realize and return. Alas, you believe in fairy tales, and therefore they often use your openness and naivety.

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