How do “exes” behave depending on their zodiac sign

Breakup, divorce, separation are never easy, especially since now you are already called “ex” or “ex”, which in no way disposes to positive.

The former can also be categorized into 3 categories:

  1. those who remain friends;
  2. those who break all ties;
  3. those who go into hysterics or are hatching plans for revenge.

Everyone is different, so let’s find out how you react and deal with this difficult situation based on your zodiac sign.

Aries is a violent ex


After a breakup, you can start to be afraid of Aries! A break with him will quickly turn into a hidden or open, active or sluggish war, since Aries will do everything possible to ruin the life of a person who allegedly did not value or respect him. Be on the lookout for anything you can expect from Aries.

Taurus is an indifferent ex (or at least pretends to be!)

Even if a Taurus is mentally and emotionally hurt during and after the breakup, you probably won’t notice. For Taurus, there can be no question of making up and getting back together, especially if he himself was the initiator of the break. Taurus will harbor a grudge against you and will hardly forget about what happened in the near future, but will stubbornly wear a mask of indifference and indifference.

Gemini – philosophical ex

Although the Gemini will be very angry at first, after they reflect on the situation, they will begin to console themselves with the thought that “there are still many fish in the sea”, which means that life goes on! They will convince themselves that parting is only for the best, and quite quickly they will make themselves a new partner and calm down.

twins parting

Cancer is a polite ex

Cancers are usually extremely respectful of their ex, but a non-Cancer-initiated breakup can be very difficult for them. Cancer will hope and believe for a long time that he has a chance to save the relationship and start all over again.

Leo – a vindictive ex

Leo’s pride and exorbitant ego make it difficult for him to forgive. Don’t even ask this sign for a second chance! Leo sincerely believes that only his partner is to blame for the breakup and in no case is he himself. As soon as Leo realizes reality, he begins to think about revenge.

Virgo is a sad ex

After the breakup, Virgo first experiences a feeling of relief, but very quickly it is replaced by deep sadness and despondency. The question “How can I live on?” Starts spinning in Virgo’s head. Fortunately, this period does not last long, then Virgo pulls herself together, stops whining and sadness and returns to the normal rhythm of life.

virgin parting

Libra – ex, going to extremes

At first, Libra does not believe in what is happening, and then it takes them a long time to realize the gap. When Libra finally accepts this fact, they will choose one of two strategies: they will do everything in their power to get their partner back, or they will completely erase him from their life and inspire themselves that he is dead. There will be no golden mean!

Scorpio is a vengeful ex

Scorpio is a particularly difficult ex, as he is possessive, jealous, and vengeful. This sign never forgets anything. Scorpio will perfectly remember all negativity, but ignore any memories of good times. Beware of his anger, rage and vengeance that will surely follow after your breakup.

Sagittarius is the calmest ex

sagittarius parting

Sagittarius’s need for freedom means that they never become overly attached to anyone, including their other half. Therefore, breaking up a relationship for Sagittarius is not the end of the world, horror and nightmare. If parting is amicable and peaceful, then Sagittarius can easily remain friends with his ex or ex.

Capricorn is a low-key ex

Capricorn is an understanding and reserved person who will not turn a breakup into a public show. This sign prefers to avoid any kind of scandal and, most likely, the separation will be quiet and calm. It is not easy for Capricorn to forget the past, but he is unlikely to return to his partner, but at the same time he will not take revenge or speak ill of him.

Aquarius is a friendly ex

Aquarius is often friends with their former partners. Not only that, they communicate better as friends than when they were in a relationship! Aquarius will remember the good times, not the bad ones, and will always come to the rescue of those whom he once loved. After parting, this sign usually begins to enjoy the newfound freedom.

Aquarius parting
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Pisces is a compulsive ex

It is very difficult for Pisces to break up with those whom they love and to whom they are accustomed. This sign takes a very long time to understand and accept parting. Pisces will constantly replay all the good moments in their heads and completely ignore the reasons for the gap. They will try to maintain the relationship and beg the ex-partner to stay with them.

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