How do men take revenge? Their cunning “male tricks”

Any man has certain “pain points”, accidentally or deliberately acting on which a woman runs the risk of provoking not just an attack of aggression, but a vendetta with all the ensuing consequences. Psychologists say that a man takes revenge because of wounded pride. Perhaps there are other reasons? The answers are given by psychologists and psychotherapists of the COLADY magazine.

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Reasons for male revenge

There are many external factors for turning on the “red button”. The root of revenge grows from a young age. If a boy grew up in a happy family, if he has no complexes, if his parents taught him to express his claims adequately, then, having matured, he will never take the path of retribution. Why do men take revenge?

Popular reasons for male revenge:

  • Reaction to feelings that have gone unanswered.
  • Ignoring by a woman signs of attention.
  • Doubts of a woman in male solvency, expressed aloud.
  • Parting initiated by a woman.
  • Treason. Read the pros and cons: is it worth confessing to treason?
  • Ridicule of male power, noble impulses, deeds, etc.
  • The woman is too busy with the child.
  • Skipping lectures by negligent students.
  • Humiliation and insults from female bosses.
  • Jealousy and envy of others’ successes.
  • Revenge, as a response to aggression, insult, damage to property, etc.

How do men take revenge? Ways of revenge

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  1. Physical violence.
    The most sophisticated and, unfortunately, the most common way is to splash acid on the offender. The result is that a woman loses her beauty and health, and it takes years for treatment and multiple surgeries. Car accidents and other savage ways are also practiced.
  2. Nude photo or video filming posted on the Internet.
    Scenes from the intimate life of the offender become public in response to certain actions on the female side. Of course, such a man can be punished with a real term and according to the law, but his reputation will already be irretrievably damaged.
  3. Damage to property.
    There are many options. Offended men shred expensive outfits of offenders, break jewelry, burn down their apartments and spoil cars. In general, they take revenge as far as imagination suffices.
  4. Often today, offended ex-husbands are out of revenge take away children from offenders… This is perhaps the worst thing that can be done to take revenge on the former passion.
  5. Placing information on the network discrediting the offender (including false). Any peculiarities of a personal character, life, etc.
  6. “Deprive everything”, put it on the street “In what came.” This method of revenge is also very popular. Especially among rich men who “pulled their girls from rags to riches”.

There are also less “destructive” ways of male revenge:

  • Categorical disregard and ostentatious indifference.
  • SMS messages sent to the offender “as if by accident.” For example, “Svetulik, fish, I’ll be with you in an hour.” A childish stupid act, but it happens quite often.
  • Periodic walks under the offender’s nose in the company of a new woman.
  • It happens that loving husbands do not disdain small dirty tricks. For example, in revenge for the fact that the spouse was staying with a friend until the night, a man may go fishing for several days. Or, out of revenge for her upcoming vacation alone, he might wash her underwear with his black socks. Or even get drunk with someone and be overwhelmed by the morning in a deranged state.

Why does a man take revenge? Practice shows that this happens because of a strong resentment against the woman who “hooked” on his ego.

Features of male revenge

Of course, there are exceptions, but, as a rule, the man who threatens you is not capable of revenge. Having let off steam even at the stage of threats, he is simply too lazy to carry out what has been said. A man who is really capable of revenge will not talk – he will do. Small dirty tricks and actions “out of spite” are normal for any man who is not indifferent to a woman and is offended by her in some way. Quite often you can see how the representatives of the stronger sex deliberately spoil the mood, scare women, underestimate self-esteem, take away cherished credit cards, etc.

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To protect yourself from living together with the future avenger and from the consequences of revenge itself, pay attention to the “alarm bells”:

  1. Being in the company, he, without hesitation, talks about your shortcomings and weaknesses.
  2. During a quarrel, he reminds you of all your sins and mistakes.
  3. He makes fun of your complexes and, at the same time, the flaws in your appearance.
  4. He often does something to spite you or from harm – makes the sound of the TV louder, ignores your requests, in response to a refusal to be close, deprives you of the pleasure of shopping, etc.
  5. He likes to “tighten the nuts”, forbidding you to wear short skirts on the street, joke with his friends, chat with girlfriends for a long time, etc.
  6. In response to your smile at a friend you met on the street, he can flirt all evening on the forum with its inhabitants.

Revenge, as such, is the need to gather strength and strike a blow that will bring you closer to the desired goal – to satisfy your grievance. But nine out of ten men will not engage in such stupid things for one simple reason – they will be lazy. Therefore, traditionally male revenge is an impulsive, insignificant and almost childish act that causes only a grin in a woman.

Commentary by a forensic psychologist and social philosopher Oleg Dolgitsky

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In fact, in the area of ​​intimate and personal relationships, men are not very smart compared to women. They do not show any sophisticated tricks in their behavior, they often go to the “frontal”, and also to their own detriment.

Often the stupidest revenge is to post intimate photos of your ex on the Internet. Of course, this is very stupid, since, firstly, it is not legal, secondly, it is not difficult to find a criminal, even if he decided to hide his tracks, and thirdly, this behavior is usually a sign of a deviant manifestation and weak character.

Revenge is often a feminine type of behavior. A woman in anger seeks to break another person’s life, and a man can, at most, break an arm or a leg of his opponent. Women can torture, harass and mock, but a man, in most cases, splashes out aggression.

Mostly men just do stupid rash acts out of jealousy and anger.

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