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All people experience parting with loved ones in different ways. The reaction to an offer to end a relationship depends a lot on your man’s zodiac sign. How to correctly tell your partner about parting, and what kind of reaction should you expect from him? So, how men of different zodiac signs are experiencing a breakup.

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Few will argue about the ardor of this zodiac sign, so the reaction to the gap will not keep you waiting long. A storm of emotions, screaming, breaking dishes – you can safely expect from Aries if he does not agree with your decision.

But, if you were not so close to Aries, then you should not expect everything described above from him. Aries will just “beat” us and that’s it.

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You shouldn’t expect something like that from a calf, especially those who generally abandon such beautiful and warm people. But if it really happened, then Taurus will never hit the face in the dirt, so that it does not happen in their souls, they will leave as beautifully as they came.


When throwing Gemini, get ready for the fact that the whole Twitter will find out about this separation in 15 minutes. So, of course, the offended Gemini will do, and you will find out everything about yourself that he thought about you, only through someone.

But the adult Gemini will endure the gap easily and naturally, because in a couple of weeks his charisma will already find a new passion.

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You will not find out what Cancer thinks about you and your parting, but Artik and Asti will be spinning on repeat in their heart. This is a very vulnerable and sensitive partner who can heal heart wounds for a long time in different ways.

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When throwing Lviv, be prepared to see the performance of the skillful play “For what?” There are words about the lost years, and statements about how you are unworthy of him, but will polish all the money spent on you.

More informed representatives will say that they are leaving you and will simply forget the time spent together.


Virgo will lead a painstaking analysis of what is happening, figure out who is the culprit of this event and how it can be solved. Hysterics and insults are definitely not worth waiting for, we will just disperse like adults and start living with a clean slate.


Libras won’t be too worried about the breakup either. The worst thing that you can get from them is criticism, and it can be directed both at you and at yourself (“I am not like that”).

In general, Libra, they are still lovers, so a new partner can help them heal the wound from the rupture the very next day.

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For God’s sake, don’t leave the Scorpio! Just kidding, of course, but, nevertheless, be ready to receive a pound spoon of curses. The second stage can be the same pood, but this time salt, which will be poured onto your wound.

They will find the most sore spot and poke their fingers there. Some Scorpios will leave in English, and your persona will become like Woland de Maure, and will never be mentioned.


It’s not scary to throw shooters, these guys will treat your decision with all understanding and even a philosophical look. They can discuss and establish causal relationships for a long time if you are really dear to him.

The fact is that Sagittarius will not want to part with the “good”, and if your image is clouded, then his trace will be cold in the morning.


Capricorns will also have to try to explain why you are leaving him. You can even show and clarify the social status of the new passion, if any.

In general, Capricorn will most likely conclude a marriage contract with you, which will already indicate how bad you are, that you are leaving him.

How men of different zodiac signs are going through a breakup
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Parting with Aquarius is difficult to overshadow with something if you have experienced his aloofness and eccentricity with him. In general, this is one of the few signs with which you can remain friends, but not the fact that you need it.


The delicate mental constitution of Pisces can easily be disturbed in connection with your departure. The most dangerous thing will be that they are capable of self-destruction, which can lead him to the first bar, and there you can wait for an SMS at 12 o’clock with the text “nostalgia”.

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