How men of different zodiac signs behave when parting

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever under the moon. And a relationship with a man can end. And often we women fearfully think how our ex-lover will behave after breaking up. Should we expect a stormy showdown from him or will it be possible to part in a civilized manner?

Let’s look at our men from this point of view.


He should always be the best and first in everything. And, of course, he will be more comfortable if the initiative in your breakup belongs to him, and not to you. As if it was he (the first) who left you, and not vice versa. And they usually leave immediately forever, and without looking back. If the separation still took place, you can try to return your beloved, although this is not easy. It is easier for a guy to go into a new relationship than to return to an old one. Therefore, in order to try to resume a relationship, a woman needs to completely transform herself, to become what Aries loved her.

divorced ram


Dislikes drastic changes in life and shake-ups. Therefore, a long time can pass between the beginning of the end and the immediate breakdown of relations with it.

But, when Taurus realized that his chosen one does not interest him at all, he does not want to maintain even the semblance of a relationship with her, then, most likely, he will remain polite, will be as generous as possible. But only until the moment when he made the final decision to break up (and this again may take a long time). From this moment on, Taurus begins to behave extremely cruel and rude. He literally becomes a different person. By the way, it is almost impossible to bring it back.


They very rarely suffer long past relationships. In a couple of weeks he will be forgotten in a new embrace. And with all his appearance he will show you that everything is fine with him.

However, this type of guy continues to call his ex years after the breakup.

If you are the initiator of a breakup and suddenly become cold with him, he will be passionate and want to return what he has lost.

He will look for how to fix the situation with the woman who left him, will try to talk and avoid a breakup, but he can let go when asked, especially if he feels that there is no more passion between you. This is due to the well-known ambiguity of this sign.


Cancers are hypersensitive people and are rarely pleased with themselves. Most often, after the breakup, they will try to get you back with the help of various manipulations. He will stalk you and sort things out, can be very intrusive. If his feelings are hurt, he can take revenge. Reuniting after a breakup is almost impossible.

divorced cancer

a lion

Bright, ambitious, noble and proud. If you dump him first, he will not say anything and pretend that he dumped you himself. In doing so, get ready to break up with his friends and parents as well. He will behave even more brightly and pretentiously, so that you can see how much you have lost. A Leo man can be a troubled ex, especially if the ego was hurt during the breakup.

If he sees that you feel good after breaking up with him, he will begin to sort things out, and if he sees that you feel bad, he will definitely discuss this with his friends, emphasizing how stupid you have missed such a golden man like him.


Very consistent and loyal partners. Usually they hold on very tightly to any relationship and it is very difficult to part with them on their own initiative. They will promise mountains of gold, compromise and haunt you for days. But if the gap does occur, then it will go away quietly and quickly. And he will very carefully hide his emotions and feelings. It is highly unlikely that when a partner breaks up, they will want to be friends with their partner after the relationship has failed.


It is almost impossible to predict the behavior of this sign during a breakup, this guy can be either very calm or vindictive and even try to turn his friends against you, he can start making plans on how to make his ex suffer.

If your relationship is not perfect and everything is not going very smoothly, then parting with him is not so difficult. It is worth noting that the Libra Man is going through a separation very emotionally, but outwardly he will never show it.

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Very emotional and communicative. But if you offended him, it will be extremely difficult to mend the relationship. Scorpios don’t know anything about forgiveness. They can be very vindictive and ruthless people.

If the breakup was preceded by indifference and your whims, you can be sure that you will not expect much suffering from the scorpion. It is likely that soon he will start looking for a replacement for you. If the parting was sudden, the poor man can withdraw into himself for a long time. But despite depression, you will not hear a call or a request for a meeting from him – pride will not allow. Be prepared for the fact that very soon all your mutual friends will find out how unworthy you are.


This one leaves quickly and decisively. He acts without anger, almost dispassionately, guided by only one desire: to get rid of his former beloved as carefully as possible. Be sure that he has ALREADY prepared everything for the retreat, the papers for divorce have already been submitted, a lawyer has already been hired, he has thought about where he will live.

At the same time, in the depths of his soul, he experiences bitterness, melancholy, and hatred, and is bored and worried.

He will not interrupt contacts with you, but he will ignore requests for help, feelings, talk, return, however, very politely.

The only thing he will try to preserve is respect for the relatives and friends of the former partner. With them, he will remain warm, sincere and attentive.


Capricorns don’t part quickly. They don’t do anything fast at all. They take a long time to get used to a partner, and when they break up, they get used to it for a long time. And very often they are monogamous. But most often they do not hold a grudge. But, if you hurt him or betray him, he can be very cruel. Most often, after a break, these men go headlong into work. They break off relations forever and do not even want to talk with the former after that – “She died, she died like that.”

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She will never show you her true feelings. This is a very friendly sign, so for a very long time he will translate everything into a joke, scoff and not pay attention to insults.

But, when the cup of his patience is overflowing, be prepared for the unexpected. He will be very angry with you, he will be overwhelmed with emotions. He does not know how to manifest them, but the breakup will make him more emotional. In such a situation, Aquarius becomes very emotional and may even burst into tears.

If the partner decides to make up, he will not pretend to be touchy and will go towards his beloved. However, this does not give you the right to take advantage of his kindness and return it whenever you please. With the next quarrel, he will no longer slam the door, but he will close his heart for you.


Very often, when breaking up with one woman, he already has a second. They very often smoothly “swim” from one relationship to another. Pisces would rather not face difficult situations, and accordingly, their way of ending a relationship is often vague and unconvincing. They may simply disappear from your life while you sleep or at work. This is normal for them. If only to avoid difficult explanations and clarification of the relationship.

And I wish you all love and warmth in your heart, take care of each other.

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