How much you need to walk to lose weight – correct walking

A sedentary lifestyle – office, home, entertainment – somehow leads to weight gain, which is then difficult to get rid of. So what method or strategy will allow you to always have a slim figure, a taut back and a good mood?

COLADY will tell you how long you need to walk to lose weight, and how to do it correctly.

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The benefits of walking – is it good to walk

It is useful to walk on foot, because:

  • Burning Calories
    It is important to have a goal in front of you – to walk simply, imposingly and only on Sundays, this is unlikely to help you lose weight and become truly strong – both externally and internally. Walking can help you lose weight. This can be walking uphill, up the stairs, down the street, on the path at the fitness club, or walking on the sand at the beach. Walking allows you to maintain a certain level of muscle mass, or burn unused calories. What matters is not so much where you walk, but how regularly and how long you walk.
  • Stress recedes
    Regular walking is not only a guarantee of excellent physical condition, but also a good method of dealing with stress. The benefits of walking depend on how you walk, how long, how much, and where. You burn your unused charges for the day, give yourself directly to physical exercise, which causes you positive emotions.
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
    Walking is a good way to lower your risk of heart disease and also helps lower blood cholesterol.
  • Walking helps to strengthen joints
    Walking is good for everyone, both young and old. Walking makes the joints work – and this is the main prevention of salt deposition and the occurrence of aptrosis. In addition, active regular walking is the prevention of a disease such as osteoporosis – which is important for women.

When, how much and how to walk to lose weight – tips for losing weight

Medical psychologist told how and how much you need to walk to lose weight
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  1. The figure is 6 kilometers, or 6000 meters, it was displayed for a reason – it is exactly 10 thousand steps. It is at this mark that you can and should keep. More is possible, less is not possible. If your task is clearly set – to lose weight, then the numbers change upward.
  2. You need to walk often, a lot and in comfortable shoes.
  3. At a fast pace. The pace of walking should be quite high, but you should not immediately switch to “sport” mode and run. The first kilometer should be covered on average in 10 minutes. During this time, you gradually develop your walking speed.
  4. Heel to toe. The steps are neither too long nor too short. The back is straight, the shoulders are straight, the chin is raised.
  5. Make movements with your hands to the beat: right leg forward – left arm forward.
  6. Minimum walking time – 30 minutes.
  7. In the morning or evening? Morning is the best time for walking. The fact is that it is at this time of the day that fat reserves are burned most intensively.
  8. Walk more stairs and uphill. There is never much to walk. Always go up the stairs to the floor, the elevator is for “weaklings”!
  9. Walking is a matter of habit. It is developed in two weeks and stays with you for life, as a guarantee of health and vigor.

What to wear to lose weight – clothes

An important part of a successful hike is correct equipment:

  • Clothes should be loose, this is important.
  • Shoes should be comfortable, sized, and well cushioned. Preferably sneakers, sneakers. The sneakers, along with the tracksuit, will keep you comfortable while hiking and give you a sporty look. See also: What shoes are worthy of participating in your runs?
  • In winter, walking shoes should be flexible, but with anti-slip soles.
  • Do not disdain the standard set of self-respecting athletes – sneakers, shorts, a T-shirt.
  • Socks – only natural: cotton, wool, bamboo.
  • If you are walking in a park or forest, you can take sticks in your hands like a Scandinavian walk.
  • Do not forget a cap with a visor if the sun is out.
  • A flask of water on your belt if it’s hot.
  • Wipes to wipe off sweat.
  • MP3 player, if you can’t imagine walking without music.
  • Good mood and strong desire to lose weight.

How to choose the right place to walk?

Medical psychologist told how and how much you need to walk to lose weight
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Now, having prepared for the walk, you need to think over a plan or, rather, a route along which you will go on a journey in the next half hour or hour.

  • Perhaps you will choose the most pleasant places in your city – alleys, squares, parks, woodlands.
  • It is important that the place where you will walk was with the least amount of vehicles – cars, buses, etc.
  • Clean air, pleasant atmosphere is a positive choice.
  • If there is no way to find a park, you can walk somewhere around the square or choose the wide city staircase.
  • It is also good to walk to and from work on foot at least a few stops.

How to start hiking for weight loss?

How do I get started? The question is important, requiring a clear answer. The best thing to do is to work gradually, incrementally, increasing not only the duration of the walk, but also the path.

  • The first week can be easy – 14 minutes, three times a week.
  • The second week can and should be longer – 30 minutes.
  • By the third or fourth week, you can afford 45 minutes of walking, five times a week.
  • So, the first month of intense and regular training is over. Starting from the fifth week, we gradually go to the result of 10 thousand steps a day. On average, 1 km of travel should take 12 minutes. It is worth noting, that a walk of 6 km can be divided into segments, but does not go all at once.

Do you like to walk? Let us know in the comments!

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