How often and when is it necessary and possible to go to the cemetery to visit loved ones?

How often you need to go to the cemetery – tell the experts of the COLADY magazine.

Of course, you need to visit the cemetery. After all, our loved ones are buried there, who want to be visited. In some cases, visiting a cemetery helps us cope with the loss of a loved one and get over the death of loved ones. However, it is not worth overusing visits to the cemetery. You need to visit the departed on certain days, which have been determined for this by religion.

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The Bible lists certain days when you need to visit the cemetery. It is believed that it is on these days that contact between the living and the dead takes place. Therefore, you need to go to the cemetery according to the rules.

When can you go to the cemetery? What holidays to go and what not?

The Orthodox Church obliges us to visit the departed on the 3rd, 9th and 40th day after death… Also, the graves of relatives and friends should be visited. for each anniversary and for the parent (memorial) weekthat follows the Easter one.

Should I go to the cemetery to see deceased relatives? Definitely yes.
In addition, the Orthodox Church dedicated the so-called Radonitsa to a visit to the cemetery. On this day, the commemoration of the dead takes place, performed on Monday (Tuesday) of the week following the Easter week. The commemoration of the dead is based on the memory of Christ’s descent into hell and his victory over death. It is on Radonitsa that all believers gather at the graves of relatives and friends and congratulate them on the Resurrection of Christ.

In addition to the days stipulated by the church for visiting the cemetery, historically, many people come to the cemetery on Easter. The tradition originated in Soviet times. The temples were closed on Easter day, and people felt the need to share with each other the joy of the holiday. Therefore, they went to the cemetery, which replaced the temple. From the point of view of the Orthodox Church, this is wrong. Easter is the greatest holiday of joy and exultation for all believers. Remembrance of the dead on this day is inappropriate. Therefore, it is not worth going to the cemetery on Easter day and performing memorial services. Even if someone dies on this day, the funeral service is carried out according to the Easter rite.

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Now the churches are open, the tradition of Soviet times should not be justified. On Easter day, you need to be in church and celebrate a joyful holiday. And on Radonitsa you need to visit the cemetery.

As for other holidays (Christmas, Trinity, Annunciation, etc.), even on these days the church does not advise visiting the graves of the dead. Better to go to church.

Do they go to the cemetery in winter?

The church does not prohibit visiting the graves of relatives in winter. Moreover, on the anniversary, we simply have to come to the cemetery and pray at the grave of the deceased. Many do not go to the cemetery in winter, not because the faith forbids, but because the graves are covered with snow, and the weather is completely unfavorable for such trips. If there is a need to visit the dead, then you can safely hit the road.

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery?

The ministers of the Orthodox Church are of the opinion that remembering the dead and visiting the cemetery is the responsibility of everyone living on earth. And everyone, without exception, must fulfill this duty, and pregnant women too.

The Church claims that the Lord God gives blessings only to those who do not forget their dead relatives and distant ancestors. You need to know that it is necessary to remember the departed from a pure heart, and not by compulsion.

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If a pregnant woman feels unwell, then you should not visit the cemetery.… The trip needs to be postponed.

How often should you visit the cemetery?

In addition to the obligatory days for visiting the cemetery, there are those that we define ourselves. For some people who have recently lost a loved one, there is a need for regular visits to the grave. So it becomes easier for them, they seem to feel the presence of the deceased, talk to him and eventually calm down and return to normal life.

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