How over-caring and nurturing damages relationships

“I did everything for him, but he is ungrateful!” How often do we hear similar complaints from women? A hot dinner, warm socks, coffee in the morning – are these cute gestures of concern or is it too much in a relationship?

Every woman wants to surround her beloved with attention and care. She creates coziness in the house, cooks, cleans, reminds to put on a hat and ties a scarf tighter.

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Men like these gestures are pleasant, but only at the beginning of a relationship. And then such overprotection begins to annoy.

What could he not like? After all, you are doing everything right, you take care of your man, like any loving girl. Or maybe not like a girl? Take a closer look at how your man interacts with his mom. Doesn’t it look like anything?

If it reminds you, then you need to urgently change the tactics of behavior, otherwise your relationship will not go according to the ideal scenario of a comfortable family life.

What can happen to a man when women’s care goes beyond all boundaries?

A man will not become an adult

Each person must transform from a child to an adult. Otherwise, he will not achieve success in life and will not be able to withstand the difficulties on his way, which will surely appear.

How does over-caring and nurturing ruin a relationship?
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If a woman replaces the chosen one with his mother, who all the time provided the child with a comfortable and carefree life, then she deprives the man of the opportunity to be independent.

And then he will begin to have difficulties at work and in the outside world as a whole. After all, there you have to take responsibility, solve problems, and your beloved is not ready for this.

Everything will fall on women’s shoulders

A woman will never have the opportunity to lean on a reliable man’s shoulder. If any problem arises, the man will wait for solutions from the chosen one, because he is used to the fact that she decides everything for him.

All household chores will fall on the woman. A man who is accustomed to the fact that everything is always done for him will never want to voluntarily give up this privilege.

If his wife always warmed his soup, believing that he would not be able to choose the right plate or would pour it out, then you should not be surprised that he would not do it on his own.

Competition with children

How does over-caring and nurturing ruin a relationship?
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When children appear in a family with a husband’s overprotection, the situation threatens to get out of control. The kid will take all the time and attention of the mother, and the spoiled husband will be unhappy.

In this case, a man, accustomed to constant attention, may well go to look for this attention elsewhere. It’s good if it’s his mom. But besides her, there are other women.

If such a man demands the same attitude from his wife, then the young mother will soon begin to get nervous and wait for paternal help from him. And not every lady is able to understand that such behavior is the work of her own hands.

Loss of interest in a woman

If a woman behaves with a man like a mother, then over time he will see in her only a mother. Passion, interest will fade away, signs of attention and care from a man will disappear.

A woman, with her excessive care, can personally send her chosen one into the hands of another. And then wonder why it happened. The answer is on the surface – you shouldn’t feel desire for moms.


A normal independent man will sooner or later get tired of the woman trying to control everything in his life. An adult and adequate man himself knows when to put on a hat and when to eat soup.

How does over-caring and nurturing ruin a relationship?
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First, he will try to explain or protest that he does not want to be “mama’s boy.” But when a woman does not give up her position – the easiest way is to break off the relationship.

There is an option that a man will adjust to a woman and accept these rules. Then this behavior will become a habit. He will give the reins to the woman and then, read the points above.

Over time, the woman will get tired of it, and then she already decides to break off the relationship.

What if?

Such options for the development of relationships are possible if a man was not originally a “mama’s boy” and is trying to deal with a woman’s excessive concern for him.

But if he is not at all opposed to such an attitude? If you are comfortable in the role of “mother – son”, then the family is not in danger. It is important to be honest in choosing social and family roles in marriage.

When is care needed?

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In every family there are situations when the care of his beloved is simply vital for a man. A period of illness, the loss of loved ones, a hard time at work. At these moments, you should forget about all the rules and fully devote yourself to your spouse.

It is important to maintain balance in everything and remember that support and care does not equal a thick layer of sugary tenderness. Hot tea and being alone are sometimes a hundred times better than “Pupsik, what happened?”

Of course, it’s good when a woman takes care of a man. But do not forget that for a man, first of all, you are a beloved, desired, friend and advisor. Excessive caring is burdensome. Everything should be in moderation.

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