How to answer women’s questions for men

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questionsWomen’s issues sometimes force men to be in a state of prostration, on the verge of a slight semi-fainting state. The answers to them, in turn, often do not satisfy the persistent interviewer in a skirt, and even more, they are capable of provoking a real natural disaster, the name of which is female hysteria.

Below is a sample instruction on how to answer women’s questions in order to avoid both the first and the second.

The illiterate phrases that most piss off modern women

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questions

Where are you now?

Ideally, every woman dreams of hearing the following: “Honey, I just drove past the very store that sells your favorite cheesecakes (sushi, buns, sweets – underline what you need). And imagine, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon, what to buy for tea? “

Something that shouldn’t sound: “What difference does it make? All the same, you will not believe, no matter what I answer! So stop calling every five minutes. ”

How do you love me?

Here it is important to portray a happy face and say: “My love for you is stronger than gravity, it is not subject to any of the laws of nature, I love you more than very much! And it gets stronger every second. “

Primitive option: “Strong”.

I’m fat, right?

It is preferable to say: “Darling, what stupid thoughts visit your bright mind … you just have a perfect figure. By the way, I saw your friend Lenka yesterday – and did not recognize her. She has changed so much, recovered, hasn’t she? “

A dangerous option: “Lord, how much is possible! Well, think about it, I gained a couple of kilograms over the holidays, well, everything is fixable, right? Work out in the gym, go on a diet, and your favorite jeans will fit you as before. “

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questions

You don `t want me?

Hug and gently whisper: “Well, dear, today was a difficult day, I was dead tired at work. Let’s go to bed, and in the morning I will do my best to make sure you yourself are convinced otherwise. “

In no case: “In principle, I don’t want anything right now. Goodnight”.

What are you thinking about now?

The right decision: “About how great it is that I then agreed to go to Andrey’s party and met you there. And yes, it would be nice to reschedule your trip to your parents’ house and go shopping this weekend. You’ve wanted new shoes for a long time, haven’t you?

Dangerous remark: “On the global problems of mankind. About why exactly at night our cat begins to scream heart-rendingly. How to get out on a fishing trip, while avoiding a scandal with you. How to leave work early tomorrow. How to avoid a weekend trip to your mom’s … and how good it is that you can’t read minds.

Don’t you notice anything?

Saying in amazement: “Sweetheart, you look even sexier with a brunette / blonde / redhead! And the new manicure is just amazing. And, by the way, I noticed a long time ago – you have become so slimmer! “

How can you not answer: “No, but I should”?

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questions

Am I bothering you?

Smiling sweetly, say: “Well, of course not! On the contrary, you help me even if you are quietly sitting next to me. Without you, I couldn’t have done it. Thank you honey!

Dangerous answer: “If I say yes, you will leave and let me finish in peace”?

How did you live before meeting me?

You can: “Boring and monotonous. Everyday life dragged on sadly, each time forcing me to experience the next “Groundhog Day”. The weekend was no fun. I would call it a miserable existence, not life. “

You can’t: “But I could return home at any time, sit with friends until morning, wash dishes only on weekends, throw socks under the sofa and smoke in bed … Lord, how happy I was …”

Who is she?

Successful answer: “A classmate / colleague / neighbor… I don’t know how old she is”!

Not in any way: “Once I was in love with her and was even going to perform a heroic deed for her, but something went wrong. And then I met you. “

Did you tell everyone that?

The correct reaction is: “I only said this to you.”

A phrase that can cause injury: “Of course! Otherwise, why would I spend a couple of months studying the pickup and perfecting my skills. “

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questions

What do you value most in me?

Successful answer: “Everything is wonderful in you. Feelings overwhelm me so much that I cannot even clearly express them. Because next to you I forget about everything. “

Unsuccessful answer: “Chest and amazing ability to at least sometimes not ask stupid questions!”

Who called you?

The case when it is easier to say: “I have no idea, wrong number.”

Incorrect answer: “My ex. For some reason she decided to ask me at two o’clock in the morning if I was bored, after 3 years. “

Why don’t you help me around the house?

The correct answer: “Sorry, dear, I was completely worn out with this job. Let’s cook dinner together tonight?

A phrase doomed to failure: “What do you mean? And who takes out the trash every Sunday?

What are you doing?

Correct words: “I am trying to submit the report faster so that I can see you and hug you as soon as possible.”

Wrong reaction: “What can I do at work”?

Why did you break up with your ex?

Correct answer: “I immediately realized that we are completely different people. Therefore, it was not worth continuing the relationship, which would still lead nowhere. “

Wrong answer: “She asked me stupid questions like that too often.”

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questions

When we get married?

The ideal answer is: “I am going to meet with your parents shortly to ask for your hand in marriage.”

Wrong reaction: “I somehow didn’t think about it at all.”

Why did you turn around now?

Correct answer: “This woman’s face seemed familiar to me. Just the spitting image of my vixen teacher from the university. “

Wrong answer: “Honey, these are instincts! There is nothing you can do about it. Get used to it!

Does this hat suit me?

Correct words: “It suits you very much! I could not even imagine that it would complement your elegant image so much. “

Wrong answer: “I don’t know, ask the mirror.”

Which actress would you have an affair with?

Just perfect: “Honey, why would I have romance with some ordinary actresses when the most beautiful woman on this planet is nearby.”

Unacceptable: “Well, with Angelina Jolie, of course, Margot Robbie is like nothing like that, huh? With Scarlett Johansson it would have been possible, then with Megan Fox … to continue ”?

Would you break the law for me?

Correct answer: “For your sake, I would break any laws. But I hope it won’t come to that. “

Wrong answer: “What else! To be imprisoned on a whim? Well, I do not”.

Do you have a stash that I don’t know about?

The correct answer is: “No, dear, I have no secrets or secrets from you.”

Under no circumstances: “Well, of course there is! And it annoys me that you are asking about this now. My money is my money, nobody should worry about it in any way. “

Are your friends dearer to you than me?

The words of an ideal man: “Honey, how could you think that these irresponsible loafers can stand even one step higher than you, the most important person in my life.”

Wrong answer: “Well, not that it is more expensive … just with them I can be what I really am.”

Will you show me your email?

Correct answer: “I don’t think there is something that can interest you. But – here, write down my password from her, just in case. “

Dangerous answer: “Yes, easy! Moreover, I have several of them. “

Does your mom dislike me?

Correct answer: “Mom treats you with deep respect and often repeats that we are the perfect couple. I don’t know how you did it, but she’s just crazy about you! Just as a person of strict upbringing, he does not allow excessive sentimentality when communicating. “

Wrong answer: “Well, my mother shouldn’t love anyone else besides me. This is fine”.

Have you lied to me now?

A good answer is “No. I have never lied. And I’m not going to do that. “

Wrong answer: “Why are these contemptuous notes in intonation now? And in general, why ask questions if you have already thought up possible (and fundamentally wrong) answers to them yourself ”!

How to answer women's questions for men - ready-made answers to 25 women's questions

This is not a complete list of questions of interest to the average woman in Russia. Such complex, and at the same time – simple, and some at all, in essence, rhetorical.

All answer options are conditional, and are not a direct guide to action.

If a woman can verify the information, then, of course, it is necessary to answer the question asked as truthfully as possible. If this is not possible, then you can try, so to speak, slightly “embellish” your answer. Indeed, often it is on how men answer women’s questions that their joint happy future depends.

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